How Do You Attract Customers to Your Car Wash?

August 22, 2021
3 min read
August 22, 2021
3 min read

Being in the car wash industry can be very demanding as the competitive market is huge. As a car wash business owner, you need to have the right strategies to retain your current and loyal customers and find ways to attract new customers into your shop. And how do you do that?

1. Be Creative – Add Some Attraction to Your Space

From the décor all the way to the floor and lobby or waiting area, there are simply no limits on what you can add to your space.  Changing up your space or including something that other car washes don’t have, is a sure way to attract customers. If you want to go a couple of steps ahead, you can even bring a massage chair to the waiting area. Customers will love the idea of getting a massage while waiting for their car to be washed.

A variety of interactive magazines, WI-FI, coffee tables with light snacks, and coffee machines are a must-have in your shop if you want to stand out from the herd.

2. Social Media Marketing

Do you have a Page on Social Media? If not, create one.

In today’s world, everything is about social media and that online presence. Your target market is on social media- Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so should you be. Having a Facebook Page makes it easier for people to find out about your business, your services, working hours, and it is a lot easier to engage with customers. Encourage your customers to write online reviews about their experiences in your shop. A positive online presence will attract new customers and boost your traffic.

You can also host social media contests. Get customers to upload before and after images of their cars and set up a reward for the best image. Get the customers to also tag a friend and set up a free car wash as a reward for one of the tagged people. Of course, the idea behind all of this is to attract new customers into your shop, and it will get you more engagement on social media.

3. Attractive Offers

Who would turn down a free car wash? Create some attractive offers for your existing customers like the famous 2 for 1 where customers who pay for a car wash will get, for example, an exterior car wash for free next time they come to the shop. This is how automatically you have a returning customer by offering them something for free but valid for the next time they come in.

While you can hang posters and stickers for people to be aware of these offers, another way you could do this and make sure it reaches a long number of people is through emails. Send emails with exciting offers to all the customers you have in your database, and make sure you mention the email to share the news around.

4. Fundraisers and charity events

Fundraisers are a perfect way of attracting customers to your shop and make your business name stand out. And, nowadays non-profit organizations are always looking for a way to raise more money. Partnering with a non-profit organization would make you stand out from the crowd and be more respectable in customer’s eyes.

You can schedule this event on certain days of the week and make a specific deal; a percentage will be donated for a specific cause of every car wash.  Hosting a charity event would attract new customers and have positive media coverage and a good reputation in the community.

5. Share Car Care Tips via Social Media

You can use your page or website to engage with customers online and bring the online presence to a higher level. You can do this by simply sharing some tips for car care or car wash at home. People will appreciate all the tips and advice for car care and automatically follow your page or sign up to your website for more information.

6. Use Loyalty Programs

One of the most effective ways of attracting new customers and at the same time retaining the old ones is through creating a Loyalty Program. Using a Digital Loyalty Program is beneficial for offering discounts, offers, gifts, and rewards for both current and potential customers. You can do this using social media platforms, when customers are in-store, or using their email addresses.

It sure is crucial whether it’s a punch card system or using more advanced and updated technology. Nowadays, it’s practically required to ensure a successful business operation with boosted traffic, more revenue, and, most importantly, brand recognition and more profit.

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