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Plans – Glue AI Weekly Plans

The Glue AI will make a weekly plan for your business based on the engagement and revenue your business makes from the members club

In here you will be able to see your current week’s plan as well as previous plans for the previous weeks that have gone by



There are 4 parts to each weekly plan and they are as follows:

  • Turning your Customers into Regulars
  • Generating Repeat Business
  • Increasing Basket Value
  • Leveraging Loyalty



As you can see in the image below the Glue AI has sent a reward to an active member of this demo members club


When you click on ‘Customers’ that is in the highlighted box in the image above, you will get a list of what loyalty rewards the Glue AI has sent to your members



You can also see what the Glue AI has set for previous weekly plans by selecting the ‘Previous Plans’ tab and then select the week you want to view


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