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In the ‘Sales’ section, you can keep track of your orders, invoices and manage your cash drawer for your POS. There are 5 labels in the Sales section


  • Orders
  • Order Handling
  • Ad Hoc Payments
  • Invoices
  • Cash Drawers





Track and see new orders received by app users, and process them. You can find a specific order or a client by using the search bar, filtering dates or status.



You will be notified (via emails & push notifications) every time there’s a new order.

To review an order, click on the order number. You can view the order details such a Summary of the order, Employee Handling the Order and Shipping Information.



Order Handling

Order Handling

Process the order, update its status, and add notes under the Status Update section.

Follow the status tabs to make it easier to categorise your orders

Don’t forget to click Save when you are done.

Your clients will get notified by email each time the status is changed.


When you first receive an order it will fall into the ‘Pending’ tab, orders can be found by searching for an order number or by searching for the date



Process the order, update its status under the ‘Status’ section or click into the order to change the status.




This order will then move into the ‘In Process’ stage, this is where the employee is preparing the order to distribution.


If there is a problem with the order there is an ‘On Hold’ tab, this is where orders will be moved to if there is any issues with an order (ie Currently out Of Stock)


When an item has been placed on hold, you can see the ‘Handling Log’ within the order has been updated, you can also leave your own note here outlining the issue.


Once there are no issues with the order it will now be moved to the ‘Shipped’ tab, here you can see the shipping information, date and time of when the order was shipped as well as any tracking ID you may give the order.


The last tab is the ‘Cancelled’ tab, this shows all the information in relation to cancelled orders either cancelled by the client or by the business, the handling log within the order will show the process of the order as well as any messages left by the employee as to why the order was cancelled

Ad Hoc Payments

Ad Hoc Payments


Ad-hoc payments allow you to bill your clients privately. You can send them reminders of outstanding payments as a push notification inviting them to make payment or reminding them that their outstanding bill needs to be paid by a certain date


Create an Ad-Hoc Payment


Click on the + icon to create a new ad-hoc draft. Within this screen you will see another + icon, this allows you to add the item for which there is an outstanding bill for


Fill in the required information such as the recipient, title, the payment due date and the items in question for which you are billing for. Once you have done, this click on ‘Settle Unpaid Ad Hoc Payment’, this will send a push notification to the client reminding them of their outstanding bill.


Once you have sent the ad hoc payment request, this draft now moves to the ‘Unpaid’ tab.


To view an unpaid ad hoc payment request click on the order no of the payment you require, this will bring you into the details of the payment request, you can amend the status of this if the client has paid as well as the delivery status of the item.



If you wish to send another reminder to the client, click on the 3 dots on the end of the ad hoc payment request, this will prompt you to resend if required


Under the ‘Paid’ tab you will see the ad hoc payment requests that have been completed and paid.


In the Setup section of the workspace, go to Glue Settings, here you can set how and when ad hoc payments will be automatically finalised, what will be the timing and frequency of sending auto-reminders to your clients regarding their debt and decide if your business will handle orders for clients who didn’t pay yet for their purchases.




All orders will be shown here under the ‘ALL’ tab, where you view all invoices and see how sales are paid or outstanding. You can also draft up an invoice if needed.



In all of these pages the status of the order can be updated by clicking on the invoice number of each order. Within this you can refund if needed or create a PDF invoice to email or print for your clients


Cash Drawers

Cash Drawers


Open up your day with your starting amount, all cash transactions in and out will be recorded giving you a final tally for the end of day, this will let you know if your cash amount is correct at the end of the day


A history of previous days cash amounts will be recorded as well as a list of any unresolved drawer issues that may occur.


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