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In the settings for Booking you can set your business hours, sync calendars to avoid missed bookings or double bookings, set the default employee & service that is shown as an example in your layout as well as scheduling reminders to be sent before a booking


Available Hours


Define your hours of operation, how they will display on your calendar, the time gap between bookings, set bookings to be able to be made outside business hours if required as well as allowing bookings to exceed working hours.



Sync Existing Calendars


Sync your employees calendars with the business calendar to keep track on all bookings made and employee availability



Default Employee & Service 


Set the employee and service that you want to appear as the example that the system uses to show your members how to book



Send Reminders for Scheduled Meetings


Schedule when to send a reminder to your member about the appointment, either the day before or one hour before or both.



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