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Within this section there are 6 different topics. In this section you will see how to publish your app on the app stores and how to decide how you want your app to be seen within the stores and also how to use Google Ads.


The topics are:


  • Store listing
  • Glue market
  • Google Play
  • Apple App Store
  • Link to App
  • Google Ads


Store Listing

Please note – you may change the information of the store listing, but you will not see the changes instantly, as in the rest of the information of your app. The store listing changes may take up to 2 weeks to be updated within the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

In the Glue Market, it usually takes a few minutes to be updated. If you encounter any issues, we recommend closing and re-opening the app.


The Store Listing tab under the Publishing section shows the information that appears on your app on the app stores. This is where you manage how your app is presented to the world on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It includes your App Icon, app description, why your app is worth downloading, and branding elements (such as your logo). Every app that is submitted to the app stores requires these elements and they consider them while reviewing each app. You can also include screenshots from different areas of your app if you want to include them.


Please click on ‘Update listing’ to submit your changes to all the stores.


When publishing an app to the app stores, you are required to provide app screenshots. The screenshots are shown in your app store listing on both Google play store and Apple app store and play a huge role in driving more downloads.


By adding screenshots that showcase your app’s features and functionality, you can help to attract new users and promote your app on the app stores


In addition, use those screenshots to convey capabilities, the look and feel, and experience of your app to potential users for better app discovery and decision making.



Google Play ScreenShot Requirements

To publish your store listing, you must provide a minimum of 2 and up to 5 screenshots that meet the following requirements:

  • JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)
  • Minimum dimension: 320px
  • Maximum dimension: 3840px
  • The maximum dimension of your screenshot can’t be more than twice as long as the minimum dimension.
  • Screenshots can be in landscape or portrait mode, as long as each image falls within the dimensions



Apple App Store Screenshot Requirements

To publish your store listing, you must provide a minimum of 2 and up to 5 screenshots, for each device’s display type, that meet the following requirements:

  • Dimensions for 5.5-inch display are 1242 X 2208 pixels
  • Dimensions for 5.8-inch display are 1125 X 2436 pixels
  • Dimensions for 12.9-inch display are 2048 X 2732 pixels
  • You have to use images and videos that are taken directly within your app.



Highly recommended:

  • It’s highly recommended to choose informative screenshots that convey the essence of your app
  • Make sure each screenshot is appealing and eye-catching, clean and easy to read, straight to the point and on-brand.
  • Do not include any content that reflects or suggests app store performance, ranking, or price and promotional information.
  • Focus on features. Use the screenshots to showcase the best features your app has to offer. This can include the primary functionality and specific tools or uses it provides.
  • Include callout text that provides additional information about the app. This callout text should be clearly and directly related to the screenshot it’s attached to.


Glue Market

Glue Market is where you can share your app to be downloaded directly to your clients’ mobile phones or tablets if you do not wish to use Google Play or the Apple App Store. It is free and does not require a developer account. Share the link below with your clients via email or SMS.

If you have an existing list of customers for your business you can click on the ‘Import Customers’ button and fill out one of the templates and import the entire list rather than one by one.


(Please note: this is not a store and your app cannot be searched for. You are the only one with access to your app and to share it you can send the link or QR code to your clients)



The classification allows you to set your category and subcategory of your business type, for example if you are a drink & dine category and your sub category is a restaurant


Google Play

In the Google Play selection you are able to upload your app to the Google Play Store by creating a Google developer account or connecting an existing account.

*Please note to unlock this feature you will need to have 1001 members in your members club or pay a one time fee of $19.90


Store Status:

In Store Status you can follow the progress of your app submission to Google from the first to the last stage.


Developer Account:

A Google developer account is required to submit your app to the Google play store.

To create/connect an account please click on the ‘Create/Connect Account (Beta)’ to activate the wizard and follow on screen instructions to complete the process.



Apple App Store

Due to Apple’s new policies, you must have your own Apple Developer Account (for $99/year) in order to publish your app on the App store. This means that your app will be published under your name, and not through Glue.

Please note to unlock this feature you will need to have 1001 members in your members club or pay a onetime fee of $39.90



Create an Apple Developer Account

Go to this link and click Start Your Enrolment.

Now you need to Sign in with your existing Apple ID or to create a new one.

Check the box of the agreement on the Apple Developer Program License Agreement and then click continue.




Then, review your Apple ID Information and choose your Entity Type – Company/Organization.



In order for your company name to be listed as the seller on the App Store, your company must be recognised as a legal entity in your country.

To enrol, you will need:

  • Legal Entity Status
  • A D-U-N-S® Number
  • The Authority to Sign Legal Agreements

Find you D-U-N-S number here

If you don’t have this number yet, go to this link to create one



Click Continue.

Then, confirm that you have the authority to sign legal agreements on behalf of your organisation.

Choose whether you’re the owner/founder of the company, or you were given the authority.

If you were given the authority, you will need to provide a contact of an employee at your organisation who can verify your signature authority.



If you’re the owner of the company, enter your organisation information as it appears in your Dun & Bradstreet profile.





Type the characters in the captcha and click Continue.

Review the Summary of your information and click Continue.

Then, review the Purchase Details, submit your credit card information and click Purchase.



Go to your inbox and open the email you just received from Apple (Apple Developer Product Activation Code). The email includes an activation code, click on it.



You need now to assign Glue as agents of your account so that we’ll be able to publish your app from your account and keep it up-to-date all the time.


Assign Glue as an agents to your App Connect account

As a Company/organisation developer account owner, please log-in to your app connect account ( and follow the instructions:


1.  Go to Users & Roles  (You’ll get a list of your current users – most likely empty)

2. Click on the small + button (upper left)

3. Fill out the form as follows:

First Name: emma

Last Name: submission


4. Choose the “Admin” role. (must be admin)

5. Enable the checkbox next to “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”

6. Complete by clicking “Invite”

Connect your app to Apple

In order to connect your apple developer account with your app, please follow the instructions:

1. As shown in the screenshot below please click on ‘Connect developer account’

2. Next you will need to add your Apple connection credentials, all this information can be found within your apple developer account.


3. Apple key ID and Apple Issuer details can be found on and under ‘Users and Access’ go to the ‘Keys’ tab


4. You will be able to find the Apple Team ID and Apple Team Name in your Apple Developer Account (Can be found on, under the “Membership” in the left menu)




5. The API key will need to be downloaded from your Apple Developer Account. Under ‘Users and Access’ where you previously got your key ID and issuer ID on the right hand side of the screen you will see ‘Download API Key’. Please click on this and you will be asked to create, name and allow access to the API key, click on ‘Generate API Key’, give the API a name (any name will do) allow access to ‘Admin’ and then click on ‘Generate’.

The API will then be saved to your device in the Glue Workspace click on ‘Browse files’ and attach the saved file

Once you have all this information completed please click on ‘Submit to Apple’


Link to App

Here you will find a link and a QR code that once used will lead the user to your app on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on the device being used, to download it.

(Please note this QR code is a link to your app on the app stores, to find the QR code to download your app from the Glue Market please see ‘Status & Activity’ then ‘Access’)


Google Ads

Glue has partnered with Google to bring more members to your club.

There are a lot of potential clients surrounding your area.

Some are familiar with your business, heard about it from someone, just passed by, or even visited once but never developed a long-term relationship with your business.  This is where the combination of Google’s match-making capabilities and Glue’s relationship-building expertise makes your business stand out in the community.

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program. It enables companies to advertise and reach audiences that are interested in the products and services they offer on Google’s Search engine. Your ads can be seen by thousands of people searching specifically for what you have, and you pay nothing until a searcher clicks your ad to download the app (Pay-Per-Click or PPC).





Using text-based search ads, you can reach the target audience with Google Ads by paying (bidding on different criteria) to have ads placed at the top of the search results page. Ads consist of specific targeting criteria such as keywords, audiences, interests, etc.

One of the most important advantages is the ability that advertising companies have to deliver targeted ads to potential clients who have shown some interest in their product/service, or fit the profile of your potential client – to reach the right clients at the right time.


Activating your account

When you first sign in to Glue, by going through the onboarding process, you have created your Google ad account.  Your Google Ads campaign status will be “paused” until you activate it.

To activate, go to the ‘Settings’ section on the left menu, choose ‘Publishing’ and then go to the ‘Google Ads’ tab.

Click on the “Set It Up” if you have not done so already or if you have already set it up then this button will read “Go Live” click on this and you are all set.




See how it works for you

In the Google Ads tab under “Publishing”, you will be able to see your campaign details:

The daily budget – The amount that you set for the ad campaign to specify how much, on average, you’d like to spend each day. It is recommended to update this amount if you notice that you have maximised it over a period of time, to boost your campaign and not miss out on potential clients.


Clicks – How many clicked the ad

Converted to members – from those who clicked the ad, how many registered as club members

Cost per member – the total cost divided by the total of registered club members.

Total cost – the total number of click times the cost per click.

Campaign keywords – words that are used to search for the product/service offered. Each keyword within the campaign has a different “price” – how much you are is willing to spend when users click on each ad.

Top 5 keywords:

Cost – The total cost per keyword: The total number of clicks on a specific keyword multiplied by its average cost per click.

Members – from those who clicked the ad, how many registered as club members

CNV rate – The Conversion rate for each keyword – what percentage of users who clicked on the ad became club members.

It is calculated by dividing the total number of members with the total number of clicks, per keyword.




In the management section you can see all the keywords in your campaign and the statistical information regarding each word:

Eligible or Paused – If the keyword campaign is live or paused

Default max CPC – Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the actual price you pay for each click on your ad. This is the max price you will pay.

Impressions – also called a view or an ad view. The point in which an ad is viewed once.

Clicks – Once a user sees your ad, they can click on it to take them to your landing page. Here you will see how many users clicked your ad.

Please note: This is the action you will be charged for.

Cost per Click – the actual price you pay for each click on your ad.

Club Members – The number of people who clicked on your ad, downloaded the app and registered as members.

Cost per Member – the total cost of conversions by the total of registered club members.

Total Spend – the total cost is the cost per click times the number of clicks.





Activate the Advanced user mode – update the campaign manually, choose your own keywords, not based on our knowledge and recommendation. This option may affect your conversion rate.

Update your account information – the daily budget and time zone. The currency is based on your location and shop settings.

Update your business location information – to set the geographic radius of the potential clients who showed some interest in the product/service you offer.



Please note: To unlock this feature you need to have 1001 members in your members club or pay a one time fee of $14.91

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