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Under the ‘Home’ label in the workspace there are 3 headings


  • Today
  • Results
  • What’s next?




The ‘Today’ section of the workspace focuses on a general overview for the day as well a list of actions to help create, organise and promote loyalty.


Today’s overview


There are 3 items to focus on here


  • Yesterday’s Revenue – shows you how much revenue came in yesterday
  • Yesterday’s Interactions – how many people interacted with your app yesterday
  • Members In Club Today – the total number of members currently in your club




What Would You Like To Do Today?


There are 4 sections to look at here


  • Invite New Clients
  • Our Weekly Work Plan
  • Initiate a Promotion
  • Add a New Product



Invite New Clients


Add new clients manually by requesting a new clients name, phone number & email address and send them an invite them to your members club


Our Weekly Work Plan


Create a list of loyalty activities that you would like Glue to perform for you, from motivating members to boosting sales.


See ‘Weekly Work Plan’ (link) for more information



Initiate a Promotion


Create a new Push Campaign to help promote your business, send to all members or to a specific group, add a coupon or a loyalty card to attract new members


See ‘Push Campaigns’ (link) for more information



Add a New Product


Add a new product to your ‘Shop’ by adding the specific details as required in the screenshot below


See ‘Shop’ (link) for more information




More Quick Actions


Next you will see ‘More Quick Actions’ – this is a list of shortcuts to help you navigate through the platform quicker, you can update/change your services and promote your business as well as updating your business offers, activities & settings




The ‘Results’ section of the workspace will show the revenue stream for your business. Manage your results quickly and efficiently to keep a close eye on your revenue and how your members are interacting with your business.





Under the ‘History’ tab you can see a full history of your revenue streams 


What's Next


In the ‘What’s next?’ tab you can review how completed your app is. You can see what is missing and what can be improved to provide your clients with the best experience possible.


In each step you will find a link (Start) to where you can start adding the missing information:




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