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A Subscriptions Business Model

A business model for a steady & recurring revenue

  • A subscription business model offers several operational benefits, including better marketing results, higher client retention rates, improved margins, and easy inventory and schedule management.
  • You can create various subscription options limited in time and number of used, billing, renewal and expiration, as well as the cancellation policy.
  • You do a lot of upfront marketing work to get them to opt-in. Then, the value of the product keeps them subscribed, producing recurring revenue for your brand.

Customize the subscriptions to fit your business needs

With various option you can create exactly what you need – a monthly/yearly subscription, unlimited time and number of entries, or for a limited period with a set number of uses per a period of time. Set the billing to be monthly or yearly, with a pre-defined expiration date or unlimited, and set the cancellation policy as you wish.

Increase clients’ loyalty

With a subscription, you make clients’ lives easier. They don’t have to remember to purchase an item on time, to research what and where to consume products or services, or even visit your website or shop.  All they need to do is sign up, sit back and enjoy their subscription.

Steady and recurring revenue that simplifies financial forecasting

A subscription business model keeps your revenue steady and prevents clients from window-shopping other brands.

You know how many clients you have, you can make better estimates around supply, employees’ work schedule and the services you offer and optimise your business to actually meet demands.

Your business becomes part of your members life

When clients subscribe, they’re engaged with your brand on a regular basis. This consistent engagement makes you a part of their life in a way that feels very personal – like a relationship. Each encounter is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with that client.

Learn how to create a new subscription, cancel and redeem.

This feature is part of our list of Glue Add Ons, in the Integrations tab you will see Glue Add Ons & Marketplace



To open this add on you will need to have at least 30 members within your members club or you can have instant access for the fee stated in the footnote of the page below


How to Create a Subscription


Offer your clients subscriptions to sell goods or services on a recurring basis. Subscriptions are great for bringing in recurring and predictable revenue stream.

The e-commerce subscription model offers retailers several operational benefits, including relatively better marketing results, higher client retention rates, improved margins, and easy inventory management.

The subscription can be for services, products, group bookings, or whatever you wish, and limit it as needed.

Learn how to redeem a subscription or cancel

To create a subscription, go to ‘Your Loyalty Program’ section on the left menu, and then the ‘Features’ tab.

Here you can view your active subscription, hide (by clicking the eye icon), delete or edit an existing one.

To create a new subscription, click the plus sign:



What are the offering details, and what can clients use this subscription for – mobile shop items, bookings, and group meeting or whatever you wish. Once you select the type, connect specific items (product, booking, etc.)




The interaction between the business and the clients – set how the subscription will be used – from the app, by scanning a QR code, manually from your desktop workspace or be identified base on the location of the mobile phone of the clients (within a certain range from your business, the clients will receive a push notification to approve using the subscription). You can check multiple options.



Set the billing type –  a monthly/Yearly renewal, and set the price of the subscription:

Expiration: is the subscription going to be valid for an unlimited time, limited for X numbers of days/weeks/months/years from the registration, or valid between certain dates:

How the subscription will be canceled – manually or the clients will need to contact the business:



Disclaimer – any other rules you wish to add to this subscription:

Set the usage limitation – unlimited access during the period of the subscription or  limited to a number of times per day/week/month/year):

Visual – the cover image of the subscription:




Redeeming a Subscription


A subscription can be redeemed is a few ways –

  • Triggered by a purchase/booking within the app – a redeem will be triggered by an action within the app such as booking a class
  • Scanning the QR code in the app – the Subscription will be scanned using a QR code
  • An entry is updated manually in the Workspace – from the client entry in the Members Club section within the workspace.
  • The client is within a predefined distance – when a client is within a certain distance from the business location, he will receive a push notification inviting him to come in. Then, he will need to approve using the Subscription.

To manually redeem the subscription, cancel, pause it, or see the clients’ activities, go to the “Features” section in the workspace, and click on the “Subscription” tab. In the Subscription, go to the “Clients” tab to see the clients who bought this subscription.  Click on the plus sign next to the client’s name to open all their actions:



Cancel a Subscription


From the left menu bar go to ‘Your Members Club’, ‘Status & Activity’ and the ‘Members’, here you can choose the member in question by searching the name, phone number or email address.

Once you have the member, click on the little photo icon on the right to open up the information regarding that  member



Next click on ‘Subscriptions’ in the list of tabs below this members info



Once you have clicked on Subscriptions, a list of active subscriptions for this member will appear, choose the subscription in question, click on the three dote to the right of the subscription to see the ability to Pause, Add Entry or Cancel.

If you enabled clients to self cancel, they can do this from the “My Account” section within their app, they need to go to the Subscriptions tab and then in the subscription in question, scroll to the bottom to see self cancellation (bottom part):



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