The Loyalty Club Service
that helps you do it all

Design, expand, and let us manage your small business members club. Glue does it all, for you.

Here's how it works

We’ll build, strategize, and manage your club. 

It’s truly this simple:


Upload logo &
business basics (7 min)


Review customized
Glue-generated club offerings
(take your time!)


Launch your club & Invite your customers
(1 click)


Sit back and let Glue
handle the rest
(for good!)

Here's how you benefit from Glue

We thrive on making your life easier and your business grow.

Here’s how we make your customers stick:

Expand Your Clientele

Increase Profitability

It’s 6-7 times cheaper to keep a customer than to gain a new one.

Strengthen Your Brand

Make your business feel like the big brands.

78% of rewarded members will tell family and friends about your  brand.

Boost Your Revenues



Existing customers will spend 31% more than new customers.

Gain Stability

The communication with your club members is yours to shape without the distraction of surrounding competition.

Get To Know Your Customer

 Better understand your customers’ needs through their interactions with your club.

Our Features are 
Your Features

Membership Tiers & Levels

Alex Butts

Apt. 5 interiors

“You minimize the time it takes in analyzing the data. “

Membership Tiers

Points earning system

Points Earning System


Apt. 5 interiors

” The software is user friendly with great functionality. “

Digital Loyalty Cards

Alex Butts

Apt. 5 interiors

” Allows you to analyze data and put it to use in minutes instead of months. “

Digital Loyalty Cards

Coupon & Rewards

Coupons & Rewards

Alex Butts

Apt. 5 interiors

“You get to build great mobile apps without any coding skill.”

Referral Program

Referral Program

Alex Butts

Apt. 5 interiors

” It works really great in every industry. “

Punch Passes

Alex Butts

Apt. 5 interiors

“The fact that the loyalty is run by itself was a real game changer for me. “

Punch Passes

The Glue Magic

Absolute control over your clubs activity and loyalty offerings.

"Personal Profile" for each and every club member that is accessible from all browsers.

A fully branded mobile app for your club members to install.

Automated engagement with customized rewards points and reminders.

Insights & analytics to better understand customer trends & motivations.

Plays Well With Others

Glue integrates with all of your small-business tools.