Points earning rules

Add & organize the points earning rule in a more convenient way so you can stay on top of how  your club members earn points. You can decide which rule you want active and which not in a quicker way.

Holidays boost points rules

Treat your club members on holidays. 

You can now choose from a list the holidays you want to give your customer a boost point period. Meaning - in the time of the holiday every point will be worth more.

Automatic member suspension

We gave our autonomous machine the capability to suspend an inactive member

Referral program 

Encourage 'word-of-mouth' growth by letting your customers referring new members and get some points back

App submission process

How about uploading your club apps straight to the different app stores (Apple & Google) in a quick, easy and secure way. Just fill out a short form - We will do the rest.

Membership Tiers Redesign

Editing Membership Tiers has been made easier with our new design