Digital Coupons

Keep your revenues up and your customers
coming back

A super-easy digital Coupon Creator tool and a variety of flexible offers to help you promote your products and services

End user Digital Coupons view of glue loyalty app
  • Cardless Coupon Creator, enabling you to easily create beautiful and valuable coupons in minutes
  • Choose your offers: 1 + 1 (Buy One Get One), percentage discount or create your own customized deal
  • Redeem with QR barcode or enable customers to self-redeem using in-store purchases
  • Send relevant offers to the right customer with smart targeted campaigns via sms, app, email and more, Or let Glue’s
    hassle-free loyalty manager automatically manage your loyalty program for maximum results

What else can Glue’s
Digital Coupons do for you

  • Variety of flexible offers:
    – Buy One Get One (1 + 1),
    – Discounts (Percentage & flat reduction)
    – Create your own customized deal
  • Flexible redm eeming options:
    – QR barcode
    – Unique redeem code
    – Shopping cart (redeem during self-checkout)
  • Statistics & activity tracking dashboard
  • Automatic expiration management
  • Automatic double serving prevention
  • Automated coupon sending strategy and management: According to information you provide about your business type, products, services, needs and goals, Glue will automatically create and send the right offer to the right customer at the right time
  • Send coupons as part of a pre-scheduled campaign using Glue’s unique campaign builder
  • Multiple engagement channels (mobile app, SMS, web, emails)

With Glue’s coupons you can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Promote hard to sell products/services
  • Promote new offers
  • Engage with your customers via multi communication channels
  • Update, edit and change coupons in no time, anytime
  • Send Geo-Location notifications or targeted audience campaigns 
How to turn auto renewal on for monthly subscription 

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