Digital Loyalty Cards

Helping you build customer relationships that Last

Use Glue’s super-easy digital Loyalty Cards creator and wide variety of flexible offers to help you promote new and hard-to-sell products, introduce new products and offer incentives to increase customer loyalty

Digital Glue app loyalty card end user view
  • Increase loyalty & revenue by making loyalty cards that best fits your business
  • Always there, ready to use, right on your customers’ phone
  • Give your customers rewards and incentives based on their own behavior and needs
  • Choose whether your customer’s loyalty card will be punched automatically or manually
  • Update, edit and change your loyalty cards in no time, anytime
    Or let Glue automatically create and offer loyalty cards, tailored to your customers’ purchasing needs and preferences.

What else can Glue’s
Digital Loyalty Cards
do for you

  • Unlimited loyalty cards creation
  • Go digital with cardless loyalty cards
  • Flexible punches option: choose between automatic card punch or a manual one
  • An easy to follow activities tracking and analysis
  • Automated loyalty cards strategy and management: According to information you provide about your business  Glue will automatically tailor and send the right loyalty card to the right customer based on their needs and behavior
  • Multiple engagement channels (mobile app, SMS, web, emails)

With Glue's loyalty cards you can:

  • Increase loyalty & revenue (sales/retention)
  • Reward clients for recurring visits/purchasing
  • Keep your customers coming back
  • Engage with your customers via multi communication channels
  • Update, edit and change coupons in no time, anytime
  • Promote new and hard to sell products/services
How to turn auto renewal on for monthly subscription 

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