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Why Use Glue?

You focus on what you do best – we’ll help you increase sales by engaging customers and encouraging them to stick around.

Boost Sales

It’s up to 7 times cheaper to keep a current customer than to earn a new one.


Existing customers spend 31% more than new customers.

Strengthen Your Brand

78% of participating customers will tell others about your business.

Nurture Client Relationships

Benefit from having a personalized communication channel between you and your customers

Gain Stability

The communication with your club members is yours to shape without the distraction of surrounding competition.

Get To Know Your Customers

Better understand your customers based on their interactions with your loyalty club.

Works With Popular Platforms

Glue integrates with all of your favorite small-business tools.






With your loyalty club
You'll be able to

Introduce Membership
Tiers & Levels

Puzant Yacoubian

Sovereign Skin

“Glue’s loyalty club is simply one of the best loyalty platforms out there; the robust admin tools enables you to achieve great business results without the need to hire professional marketing services. Their customer service is setting the benchmark, so you are supported by a great team that relies on your success in order for them to succeed. I’m loving this service!”

Introduce Membership Tiers & Levels

Run a Points earning system

Run a
Points Earning System

Portrait Of Woman Kissing French Bulldog At Store
Sonia Markov


“Amazing and very inspiring to me. Thank you for your story, it truly helps me and gives me inspiration and determination to continue my business. This is the best app for me to create loyalty customers. Brilliant idea. THANK YOU”

Offer Digital Loyalty Cards

Carol Eisenstat

Line Eraser MD

“I always through that once I have the loyalty card, loyalty kinda works by itself. It turned out that you have to know what customer to give what, what customer is entitled for what and when – lots & lots & lots of work. The fact that the loyalty is run but itself was a real game changer for me..”

Offer Digital Loyalty Cards

Send Coupon & Rewards

Send Coupons & Rewards

Claudio Cardinale

Rowan & Hill

“The loyalty club, especially the branded app, changed the way people look at our business. New opportunities and great feedback were gained thanks to Glue.”

Grow with a successful Referral Program

Ernest Cholakis

Cholakis Dental

“My experience with the platform and the support team has been amazing! Glue as a loyalty system has exceeded our expectations.”

Grow with a successful Referral Program

Increase basket value with Punch Passes

Increase basket value with Punch Passes



“Works great for rewarding customers This app works great for rewarding customers and giving them updates on promotions. If that’s what you’re looking for, you have a 5 star product. I just wish there were more options in customizing my brand in the app, so it can match my online store look and feel. And if I was able to upload product images the way I wanted in the layout that would really make it ideal. If these minor design changes could be done and updated, I believe it would really level up this app. Overall this app is great for rewarding loyalty customers and makes it super easy. Works great for me, and I am able to stay connected with my existing customers.

What's Included

Adjust your loyalty club offerings at any time.

A branded app and “Personal Profile” for each loyalty club member – also accessible via a browser.

Glue’s AI provides your loyalty club members with the right incentives at just the right time – boosting engagement and sales.

Insights & analytics to better understand your customers’ trends & motivations.

How To Set Up Your Loyalty Club

Give us the basics, we’ll build it.


Tell us about your business.
(7 min)


Review Glue's loyalty club options.
(take your time..)


Launch and start inviting customers with 1 click.


Glue uses its AI to engage your customers automatically.

Happy to share our passion for loyalty

Serving thousands of businesses, we’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and practice. 

We hope you’ll find it both interesting and useful