Automated Loyalty Program – The Way to the Future

Liraz Postan
July 8, 2020
2 min read
Automated Loyalty Program
Liraz Postan
July 8, 2020
2 min read

Recent research has shown that despite the huge number of loyalty memberships – almost 4 billion(!) in the US alone – the number of active memberships is actually falling.
Retailers must respond to this fundamental changes in lifestyle in recent years; people live “on the go”, always connected to the internet, they are much more tech-savvy and can compare deals and prices on the spot.
The most efficient way to increase participation in loyalty programs is to move to loyalty automation Programs. Here is why.

The Benefits of using an automated loyalty program from the customers’ perspective:


  1. Ease of use – initiating a mobile loyalty program will create a simpler and more intuitive customer experience. At last, your customers will be able to collect loyalty points digitally and hassle-free, instead of carrying around a pile of plastic cards in their wallets, use punch passes and subscriptions to make it easier on them to commit, and for you to follow up.

  3. Engagement – with the automated loyalty program, neither you nor your customers need to worry about losing or forgetting their cards. The app is always on the smartphone and acts both as a “brand reminder” while providing an incentive to immediate purchase.

  5. Personalization – using an automated loyalty program enables you to develop a personalized relationship with your clients by pushing individual content through the use of various personalized targeting options.

  7. Customer data – with the automated loyalty program it is much easier for businesses to collect feedback in a more relevant context, thus making it possible to work towards improving customer expectations and provide better value.

  9. Updates – The use of an automated loyalty program makes it very easy to control every aspect of your business in real-time

Looking to start with an automated loyalty program?
We will be happy to help with the bakery loyalty program, as well as the loyalty aesthetic program.

We will also be more than glad to offer a customized,  original and unique restaurant loyalty program ideas.  Contact us to get started!

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