Digital Loyalty Coupons

Keep your revenues up and your customers
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A super-easy digital loyalty Coupon Creator tool and a variety of flexible offers to help you promote your products and services

No Credit Card Required

coupons management card
  • Cardless loyalty digital coupon creator, enabling you to easily create beautiful and valuable coupons in minutes
  • Choose your offers: 1 + 1 (Buy One Get One), percentage discount or create your own customized deal
  • Redeem with QR barcode or enable customers to self-redeem using in-store purchases
  • Send relevant offers to the right customer with smart targeted campaigns via SMS, app, email, and more, Or let Glue’s
    hassle-free loyalty manager automatically manage your loyalty program for maximum results

What else can Glue’s
Digital Loyalty Coupons do for you

  • Variety of flexible offers:
    – Buy One Get One (1 + 1),
    – Discounts (Percentage & flat reduction)
    – Create your own customized deal
  • Flexible redmeeming options:
    – QR barcode
    – Unique redeem codeStatistics & activity tracking dashboard
  • Automatic expiration management
  • Automatic double serving prevention
  • Automated coupon sending strategy and management: According to the information you provide about your business type, products, services, needs and goals, Glue will automatically create and send the right offer to the right customer at the right time
  • Send loyalty coupons as part of a pre-scheduled campaign using Glue’s unique campaign builder
  • Multiple engagement channels (mobile app, SMS, web, emails)

With Glue’s coupons you can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Promote hard to sell products/services
  • Promote new offers
  • Engage with your customers via multi communication channels
  • Update, edit and change coupons in no time, anytime
  • Send Geo-Location notifications or targeted audience campaigns 

No Credit Card Required

How to check the reward list


GlueLoyalty is a consumer-oriented, easy-to-use, white-label loyalty program. It’s designed for micro and small businesses looking for a simpler way to market their brands. At GlueLoyalty, it’s all about easiness, practicality, and effective solutions.
With just 10-15 minutes of your time, you will uncover the best services that fit your brand and help it scale.

We always take the extra mile to ensure your brand reaps the biggest of benefits for using our software – our utmost customer care is what truly separates us from the rest!

Once your customer club is created, GlueLoyalty will do the rest. We will set up and personalize your members’ club; help you create an outreach program to contact and get feedback from your customers. GlueLoyalty will also establish multiple channels that offer loyalty-boosting features.

Using GlueLoyalty is super-safe and private. Once you sign up, the program will continually send incentives and reminders to your consumers. This way, your revenue will be on the rise and so will your business efficiency!

If you’re new to the ocean of small businesses, attracting customers and hooking them into a loyal following can be tricky. Creating a loyalty coupon system can therefore propel your business and drive revenues. GlueLoyalty not only has the right coupons for your business to use but takes care of the digitalization at the click of a button.

Once you get GlueLoyalty’s cardless loyalty Coupon Creator, it kicks into gear and brings you a plethora of coupon options to choose from. The program offers a few pre-made options – but you can also use GlueLoyalty’s coupon to customize your one!

Moreover, everything at GlueLoyalty is fully automated and easy to change. So, if you have a new deal in mind, want to change your discount percentage, or add more offers – GlueLoyalty makes all three far simpler!

First, you’ll have to sign up for the GlueLoyalty program and provide some information about the type of business you own. Once done, you’ll be presented with a couple of coupon options to choose from.

This is where the loyalty Coupon Creator is best utilized. In essence, it’s a do-it-yourself tool that considers your wishes on how you want your products presented. It also helps you decide on what exactly to put on offer or discount. The Coupon Creator is used to help small and micro businesses, and allow greater flexibility and customizability to owners looking to increase their revenue.

If you wish to try it or showcase a free deal, simply input the item menu and let the loyalty Coupon Creator do the rest. If you’re a hairdresser offering hairstyle discounts, trust the program to help you design a seamless offer. Using the loyalty Coupon Creator is card-free. In other words, you can create as many offers as you want – never paying an extra cost. 

GlueLoyalty’s offers range from flexible and custom-made to standard and personalized. If you’re interested in trying out the program, there are some classic options, such as:


  • Buy One Get One (1 + 1) deals
  • Discounts (flat reductions and percentage discounts)
  • Customizable templates for themed offers
  • Personalized coupons for a set customer pool


Alternatively, the Coupon Creator also works with redeemable codes. These can be made as:


  • QR barcode-specific redeem codes
  • Unique redeem codes
  • ‘Redeem during check-out codes


The most exciting part? All of these options are fully customizable and can be changed to your needs and – at any time.

The answer is: you don’t! The unique feature of GlueLoyalty’s digital coupons is that they are self-regulating.


Unless set otherwise, the coupons are automated and sent on a regular basis to customers who want to receive them. Offers that end at a certain time will expire automatically, without the need for manual configuration. The coupons also offer a spam-regulation feature that prevents double-sending.

Not just that but GlueLoyalty keeps track of your dashboard activity as well. It offers a full statistics report if you want some in-depth analysis as to who’s frequenting your website.

GlueLoyalty does not have a fixed price for its products. Rather it has a pay-per-member system that charges you an amount depending on how many members you have in your club. The price of the Coupon Creator depends on the plan you’ve chosen.

Our loyalty program is free of charge if you have up to 7 members. From 8 to 50 members the prize is $29.99 monthly. Having 100 members costs $59.99, and from 101 to 250 members costs $119.99. With over 250 members, the price becomes customizable.