We Are Glue

Visionaries, dream weavers, hard workers, passionate supporters of long term relationships.

Glue was founded from the massive amounts of experience and insights about customer loyalty, accumulated since 2014 in Bobile LTD.

Our team is comprised of leading data, loyalty, tech and customer experience experts, all firm believers in standing on the shoulders of giants and using them as a springboard.


That is why we harnessed data from working with over 50,000 local businesses to develop a first of its kind, fully automated loyalty club builder & manager, specifically geared to make local business owners lives better. 

Glue’s platform includes all the must-have, the nice-to-have, and the ‘omg, is that possible?’ loyalty products, wrapped in a feature-rich personalized members club and operated by a powerful, hassle-free, automated loyalty manager. In short, a business owner’s loyalty dream comes true. 

 Today, Glue operates in 6 countries around the world, helping businesses everywhere turn their customers into regulars and loyalty into revenues. 

Glue’s Leadership

who is ira

Ira Nachtigal

Founder, CEO, Product

Ira is an innovator. Introducing ground-breaking automated technologies is an addiction to him. As a former music composer with profound research and development capabilities, he enjoys both dreaming & executing.

Alon Zuck

Founder, CMO

Jonathan Mostov

Jonathan Mostov

Founder. CTO

For Jonathan, optimization is the name of the game.
His true passion is creating intricate and bespoke mechanisms that weave ideas into reality.
Dreams of one day opening a Rube Goldberg themed restaurant.

what is the role of jacob

Jacob Tenenboem


Jacob Tenenboem brings more than 30 years of experience in various management and ownership positions in high tech companies. As chairman, he personally led exits of hundreds of millions of dollars, among them SPL SOFTWARE, Insurworx inc., Genieo Technologies and others.

Dan Eblagon

Dan Eblagon

Marketing Advisor

Dan works with management teams of Consumer Centric, Brand-Driven startups, and together we solve strategic marketing challenges and build the company’s marketing infrastructure [as easy (largest local search in Israel), Missbeez (acquired by IL Makiage), Jelly button (acquired by Playtika), Jolt, Venn, Shookit, Maapilim, Bond and more)].

A seed stage investor that supports B2C, Consumer-Centric, Brand-Driven companies, founded by brave Israeli founders.