Points Earning System

That turns your customers into regulars

Increase loyalty and traffic with the most valuable, revenue increasing proven loyalty tool that’ll keep your customers coming back

No Credit Card Required

points earning greeting card
  • Give your clients points they can exchange for rewards: a discount, a freebie, or a perk that will keep them coming back for more
  • Online points redeeming for your customers convenience
  • Digital referrals program, including incentives and rewards
  • Smart and flexible points manager – adjust according to your ongoing business needs, Or let Glue’s hassle-free loyalty manager to automatically manage your points program, based on your customers’ behavior

Automatic System Earning

  • Flexible points options (by specific events, fixed/relative to purchase, extra points per product, and more)
  • Online points shop where your customers can convert points to value
  • Bring along (referral) program – grant points to customers each time their referee gets points
  • Points-based members club
  • Automatic (but editable) point system according to customer’s valuable actions/automatic loyalty strategy (Self-launched, self-managed)/automated reward program (behavior-based rewards)
  • Connect across multiple touch points channels (mobile app, SMS, emails)

With Glue’s Automatic System Earning you can:

  • Enjoy the most efficient and flexible loyalty driving tool (used by almost all major retailers)
  • Experience ongoing loyalty driving interaction
  • Focus on your creativity. Not administration. (Self-managed points earning system)

No Credit Card Required

Client points earn panel

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