A Loyalty Program
For Your Pub

Getting Glue is like hiring an expert loyalty manager just for your pub, complete with a personalized members club, and a full suite of loyalty products to help you get customers back in the door and ordering at the bar. From promoting certain drinks and dishes to letting everyone know about special events and everything in between, Glue will make even the most casual walk-in into a regular. Cheers!

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How to manage loyalty program for pubs & bars

Here’s what you get
when you go Glue

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Branded Members Club

Where everybody (you) knows their name

With Glue, your bar is always on your customers’ minds, phones, email, and more. Glue helps you store and manage all of your customers’ info, offer them drinks and rewards, let them know about special events and anything else you like, anywhere they may be, which is usually sitting at your bar.

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Automated Loyalty Manager for Pubs

Relax, have a drink

Getting your customers back in the door has never been so easy. Glue knows just what tempting offers to send your customers and when, in order to turn even your most casual visitor into a regular. Glue’s automated loyalty manager does the work for you, so all you have to do is pour drinks as you watch your customers pouring in.

And a full suite of loyalty products
including, but definitely not limited to:

geo location

Geo Location

You’re gonna need more chairs

Get more walk-ins then ever before with Glue’s Geo-Location services, sending special offers and promotions to customers currently nearby straight to their phones, and have them drinking in your pub in minutes!

Mobile Notification icon

Mobile Notifications

Happy Hour just got happier

See your place poppin’ with happy hour straight-to-mobile notifications reminding your customers it’s now drink’o’clock, getting that after work crowd out of the office and into your pub!


Mobile Points Redeeming

Power to the wait staff

Ditch the hassle of dealing with points redeeming. With Glue’s mobile app redeeming feature, your staff can redeem points anywhere, so your customers can keep doing what they came in to do, drink and have fun, and drink some more!

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Loyalty Cards for Pubs and Bars

No one ever says no to a free drink

Give your customers a reason to come back with Glue’s digital punch pass offering the 10th drink for free, it’s an offer too good to refuse, guaranteed to keep them coming back for more. Best of all, it’s on their mobile app, so they’ll never lose it.

Glue for

  • Glue’s loyalty program for Pubs is based on research and data from over 1100 pubs worldwide
  • Glue turns 62% of customers into regulars
  • On average, Glue increases pubs’ annual revenue by $28K

No Credit Card Required

Loyalty Stamp Card Program for pubs & bars