Experience the value of a lasting relationship

Glue’s digital subscription help local businesses around the world enjoy the security that comes with a reliable source of income.


By using Glue’s subscriptions program, business owners can achieve better marketing results, higher client retention rates, increase revenues, and enjoy easy inventory and schedule management.

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subscription plans
  • Steady and recurring revenue that simplifies financial forecasting
  • Better marketing results, higher client retention rates, improved margins, and easy inventory and schedule management
  • Highly flexible and customizable subscriptions to fit your business needs
  • Consistent engagement that increases loyalty and deepens customer relationship

What else can Glue’s
Subscriptions do for you?

  • Up-front and recurring payments
  • Check-in option
  • Set limits by time and/or number of uses, billing, renewal, expiration options
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Flexible editing, customizing and updating options

With Glue’s subscriptions you can:

  • Increase average revenue per customer
  • Spend less time dealing with payments
  • Enjoy a steady revenue stream
  • Improve inventory and supply management
  • Increase customers’ lifetime value and loyalty
  • Minimize competitors pull
  • Optimize your business activity and customers service

No Credit Card Required

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