A Loyalty Program For
Your Bakery

Getting Glue for your bakery is like hiring your very own loyalty manager, one who knows what your customers like and just how to get them back in the door. From promoting pastries to drawing in walk-ins, and everything in between, Glue will help make your bakery hotter than your baking oven.

No Credit Card Required

loyalty program for bakeries

Here’s what you get
when you go Glue

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Personalised members club

Create a carb lovin’ community

Reach new and existing pastry fans with your very own branded members club, sending notifications fresh from the oven directly to a designated app, SMS, WhatsApp, email, and more.

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Automatic Loyalty manager for your bakery

Treat your business right

Save time and hassle with Glue’s automatic loyalty manager. Glue knows just the right loyalty ingredients to use to create a warm and lasting relationship with your customers so that just like your pastries, they won’t be able to get enough of your business.

And a full suite of loyalty products
Including, but definitely not limited to:


Bakery digital gift cards

Nothin’ says I love you like a pastry

From birthday parties to valentines day, cakes, cookies and other baked goodness is the perfect way to celebrate. Help your customers treat their loved ones with the ease and convenience of a digital gift card to choose from your bakery’s best.

geo location

Geo Location

Let the smell make the sale

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked goodness straight from the oven to get people to walk in your shop. The next best thing is Glue’s Geo-Location notifications with offers and promotions guaranteed to get your customers to walk-in and treat themselves.

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Bakery Loyalty Cards

No such thing as one donut

No one can resist a fresh pastry, and another, and another. So why not reward your loyal customers and give them a free pastry or coffee for every X purchases. Best of all, the cards are on their phones, so they’ll never lose their chance to treat themselves.


Digital payment processing

Let’s make some dough

Whether out for a jog or just walking the dog, people don’t always take their wallets when they go out the door. But should that stop them from getting a fresh croissant? Hack no! With Glue’s digital payments, your customers can finally enjoy that morning pastry whenever they like. It’s the best thing after a good workout.

Glue Loyalty for

  • Glue’s Bakery Loyalty Program is based on research and data from over 450 bakeries worldwide
  • Glue turns 24% of customers into regulars
  • On average, Glue increases bakeries’ annual revenue-driven revenues by $17K

No Credit Card Required

Member club stamp card for bakery


We went through and through to deliver the easiest sign up process. All you have to do is click the ‘Try Glue’ button and answer a few simple questions that we will use to create you a personalized loyalty program. All that it takes is 15 minutes of your time, as our state-of-the-art software does the rest.

Once completed, input your email address, and allow GlueLoyalty to send you your personalized and customizable members club to your email! Our services create a hub of consumers and an outreach program, which gather information and feedback on your progress. GlueLoyalty also ensures to keep a handy analysis of your progress and keep track of any changes to your business.

Once signed up, GlueLoyalty will ensure that your members never forget about your brand. Our approach is to use personalized, customizable, and flexible reminders, notifications, and offers, all geared towards increasing your revenue!

Instead of spending money and resources on a loyalty manager, opt-in for a more affordable and 24/7–available program. Glue bakery loyalty program keep your pastries hot – and your revenue even hotter!

By getting GlueLoyalty’s loyalty program, you’re receiving a strategy builder, weekly engagement plans, automated tracking of any business changes as well as revenue. Also, our offer provides self-regulating rewards and coupons, along with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual reporting.

The proof is not just in the pudding, but the statistics too. GlueLoyalty’s loyalty program turns 24% of customers into regulars. It also increases businesses’ annual revenue by $17k – on average. 

Aside from logistical and managerial assistance, bakery owners relying on Glue can harvest many other fruits. Such is an array of flexible, customizable, and personalized business options that work wonders for their bakeries. More specifically: 

  • Personalized members club. Curb the enthusiasm of your customers by creating a branded members club. Decide if you want to send them reminders, notifications, or offers through your app, text, Whatsapp, Messenger, e-mail – or all of the above.
  • Digital gift cards. If your members like big buns and cannot lie, keep them coming back for more by creating and managing gift cards so they can spread the loaf! For the ultimate convenience, GlueLoyalty keeps gift cards automated, so they are easily accessible at any time.
  • Geo-location notifications. If smelling freshly baked goods brings all the customers to your bakery, geo-location notifications are the next best thing. Customize or personalize them and GlueLoyalty will do the rest by sending them out to the nearest person!
  • Loyalty cards. If you have a trusty donut squad rolling into your bakery every week, rewarding their loyalty will keep them coming back for more. Offering loyalty cards for the most dedicated customers is a sure-fire way to keep the oven and revenue going!
  • Digital payments. GlueLoyalty’s loyalty program includes a digital payment system that ensures customers will always have their dough on hand.

Signing up for GlueLoyalty’s loyalty program will also give you access to the Digital Coupons Creator. This program is designed for bakery owners who want to promote their products by creating or editing their own coupon offers. They’re easy to use and even simpler to create. 

Moreover, digital coupons by GlueLoyalty are entirely digitized, so there’s no need for printing or extra costs. You can target specific customers, geo-send offers to certain areas, or create special coupon codes for first-time users. GlueLoyalty’s digital coupons are all fully automated and self-regulated. This means they will expire once your offer does. They will also adjust to any changes you make in real-time.

The tool has several options readily available. These include:

  • Buy One Get One (1+1) deals
  • Discounts (flat reductions and percentage discounts)
  • Customizable templates for themed offers
  • QR barcode-specific redeem codes
  • Unique redeem codes for specific users

Create a steady revenue line by taking advantage of GlueLoyalty’s digital subscriptions program. With their help, bakery owners will receive regular, recurring subscription payments from customers already sold on the quality of the goods. The subscriptions are flexible and fully customizable. This way, you can decide how much, when, and how you want to charge per week, month, or year. It not only improves your customers’ lifetime but minimizes competitor pull and increases your average revenue!

GlueLoyalty offers pay-per-member plans that charge you a monthly fee, based on the number of members who joined your pastry-loving club. These include:

  • Free up to 7 members
  • $29.99 per month for 8-50 members
  • $59.99 per month for 51-100 members
  • $119.99 per month for 101-250 members
  • Customizable pricing for 250+ members