A Loyalty Program For
Your Bakery

Getting Glue for your bakery is like hiring your very own loyalty manager, one who knows what your customers like and just how to get them back in the door. From promoting pastries to drawing in walk-ins, and everything in between, Glue will help make your bakery hotter than your baking oven.

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loyalty program for bakeries

Here’s what you get
when you go Glue

Personalised members club

Create a carb lovin’ community

Reach new and existing pastry fans with your very own branded members club, sending notifications fresh from the oven directly to a designated app, SMS, WhatsApp, email, and more.

Automatic Loyalty manager for your bakery

Treat your business right

Save time and hassle with Glue’s automatic loyalty manager. Glue knows just the right loyalty ingredients to use to create a warm and lasting relationship with your customers so that just like your pastries, they won’t be able to get enough of your business.

And a full suite of loyalty products
Including, but definitely not limited to:

Bakery digital gift cards

Nothin’ says I love you like a pastry

From birthday parties to valentines day, cakes, cookies and other baked goodness is the perfect way to celebrate. Help your customers treat their loved ones with the ease and convenience of a digital gift card to choose from your bakery’s best.

Geo Location

Let the smell make the sale

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked goodness straight from the oven to get people to walk in your shop. The next best thing is Glue’s Geo-Location notifications with offers and promotions guaranteed to get your customers to walk-in and treat themselves.

Bakery Loyalty Cards

No such thing as one donut

No one can resist a fresh pastry, and another, and another. So why not reward your loyal customers and give them a free pastry or coffee for every X purchases. Best of all, the cards are on their phones, so they’ll never lose their chance to treat themselves.

Digital payment processing

Let’s make some dough

Whether out for a jog or just walking the dog, people don’t always take their wallets when they go out the door. But should that stop them from getting a fresh croissant? Hack no! With Glue’s digital payments, your customers can finally enjoy that morning pastry whenever they like. It’s the best thing after a good workout.

Glue for

  • Glue’s loyalty program for bakeries is based on research and data from over 450 bakeries worldwide
  • Glue turns 24% of customers into regulars
  • On average, Glue increases bakeries’ annual revenue-driven revenues by $17K

No Credit Card Required