A Loyalty Program For Your Small Business

Increased revenue and customer retention should be the number one priority for every small business owner. Building an established brand requires a lot of sacrifices, time, and energy. So, loyalty programs are the best option when your goal is to elevate your business.

No Credit Card Required

loyalty program for pet shop

Loyalty programs for small businesses may seem like an extra expense, especially if you are new to the market. But, we assure you that this is not the case. In today’s digital expansion, getting a loyal program can do wonders for your business. 

Setting up a loyalty program can be a tedious task when you choose the wrong provider. Most platforms require you to undergo long and exhausting processes before they set you up. You will need to give a lot of information about your business, product, or service, and often, this will take a lot of time.

However, when you’re running a small business – every minute counts!

We are aware of this, and that is why Glue Loyalty is here to help you and your business in the most efficient matter.

With Glue, getting started is a walk in the park! 

Additionally, the platform is easy to use with the most affordable prices on the market.

How does Glue Loyalty work for small businesses?

There are excellent features and amenities that Glue offers to small business owners, such as branded members club, Club Growth & Marketing, Full Loyalty Features Suite, Mobile Shopping Experience, Automated Loyalty Manager, and Mobile Booking Experience. 

The loyalty programs for small businesses offered by Glue is divided into six industries that we’re currently covering: 

Your Retention Rates Start Rising Today!

Loyalty programs for small businesses like Glue offer much more than just a service.

The advantage of using a loyalty program for small businesses is the return of investments. You will get a higher revenue, more customers, and feedback on what you should do to improve your work.

Investing in a loyalty program is a wise choice because it is proven to be highly effective. A great number of businesses are leading the way by implementing a small business loyalty program. The numbers don’t lie, these programs are a ray of sunshine for businesses looking to increase their overall success.

Dreaming big and expanding your business is just a few clicks away. So, don’t miss this opportunity and take advantage of the opportunity and grow your business.


Starting your Glue journey is an easy, four-step process. First, we’ll ask you to fill out a form with a few basic questions surrounding your business. This way, we can understand your general needs and business goals. Once you’ve done this, Glue is ready to get to know your customer base a bit better. Furthermore, you’ll get your personalized members club. Once this step is done, you can start reaching out to your existing or new customers across multiple platforms and use your new Glue features.

The best Glue feature is that your customers will automatically receive weekly reminders, incentives, and notifications. While Glue takes care of increasing your revenue and retention, you can focus on providing the best service or product. For ease of mind, Glue will constantly keep you informed about the increased sales and loyalty of customers, and it presents the information in a very simplified and understandable way. 

The best part of this loyalty program for small businesses is the free 14 days trial period you get and get this no credit card is required for that perk. 

Customer loyalty matters in the long run. Research shows that it is up to 7 times cheaper to keep a loyal customer than to obtain a new one. Additionally, if your customer base increases by only 5% due to taking advantage of Glue’s loyalty program for small businesses, you would notice an increase in profits from 25-95 %. When using a loyalty program for small businesses, you could expect 78% of rewarded customers to tell friends and family about the rewards and your business. What is so special about returning customers is the 60-70% increment of purchasing probability they make when revisiting your business and with a 31% increment in their purchase amount. 

Glue is one of few places where you do not pay for the service, but for the number of members you have. This means you pay for your loyalty program as your business grows. Glue offers two types of membership programs: small local businesses and bigger corporations. 

For startups, Glue offers a free-of-charge loyalty program for the first seven members. From 8-100 members the charge is $0.69 per customer. Starting from 101-250 loyalty program members the monthly fee is $0.59. The basic calculation is that the monthly payments would be starting at $5.5/month and $59.9/month, respectively.

For corporations, the numbers of members dictate the price of the service. For 251 to 1000 members, big businesses would be charged $0.49 per member or starting at $ 122.9/month. For the largest corporations having 1001 to 2500 members, the charge is fixed $420 in the monthly fee. 

As soon as you sign up with Glue Loyalty, you instantly get your very own branded members club, a branded mobile app (iOS, Android), a full suite of loyalty features, marketing, and growth features, Glue’s automated loyalty manager, and complete control over Glue’s work. 

You must agree the benefits of using GlueLoyalty are wonderful.