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Only pay for active members who choose to join your club.You control the size of your club.

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Glitter Glue

$ 39.9
  1. Best for new local businesses
  2. with 1-2 employees

Hot Glue

$ 89.9
  1. Best for growing businesses
  2. with hundreds of returning customers

Super Glue

$ 119.9
  1. Best for scaled businesses
  2. that require advanced club management

Epoxy Glue

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Your Branded
Loyalty Club

Complete CRM – A flexible, features-packed CRM, import from existing CRM or Invite customers manually

Unlimited members and groups – Store as many leads and contacts as you wish at all times

Actionable Data – Receive purchase and behavior tracking that will help you achieve effective targeting

Members self-registration – Enable customers to self-register on their mobile device wherever they may be

Bulk invite – invite any number of customers you like at the same time, save time and make your life easier

Smart tagging – Define and reach out to a specific section of your customers according to gender, age, preferences and so on

Flexible Membership Tiers – Encourage repeat business, tailor tiers and conditions to your business, customize your tier rewards to suit your goals

Exclusive Club Option – Limit access to your club to preferred customers only by requiring a username and password


Loyalty Incentives

Loyalty offering content generation – Get a loyalty strategy tailored specifically to your business and goals

Points management system – Increase loyalty and traffic with the most valuable, revenue increasing proven loyalty tool

Coupon programpromote your products and services with A super-easy digital Coupon Creator tool and a variety of flexible offers to help you.

Digital gift cards – Encourage purchases by making your customers lives easier with digital gift cards they can send their loved ones in a click

Digital loyalty cards – Give your customers rewards and incentives with loyalty cards that best fit your business, right on your customers’ phone

Pre-paid multi passes – Increase customers’ lifetime value and loyalty and prevents them from window-shopping at your competitors with prepaid punch passes

Recurring Revenues (Subscriptions) – Increase average revenue per customer and spend less time dealing with payments with prepaid subscriptions

Subscribers Check-in (QR, Location) – Cut down on costs and help your businesses run smoother with digital check ins for your customers

Play-to-win games and Scratch cards – Motivate your customers’ purchases with fun activities and rewards that’ll keep them coming back

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Club Growth &
Marketing tools

Glue Online Listing – Experience, share, promote and review your business on Glue’s market

Google Ads Campaign – Let Glue’s automatic AI create your ideal Google ads campaign according to your defined goals and budget

Mobile Notifications Campaign Builder – Create an effective marketing endeavor with tailored push messages sent directly to your customers’ phones

Smart customer targeting – Tailor your marketing efforts specifically to your immediate needs by reaching out to specific customer groups

Customer ratings & reviews – Use feedback from your satisfied loyal customers to increase your appeal and generate new business

Referral program – Encourage and motivate existing clients to recommend you to their circle of friends and family

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Loyalty Automation

Automatic loyalty strategy builder – Let Glue tailor the perfect strategy to bring your customers back without you having to lift a finger

Automatic weekly engagement plans – View detailed planning of loyalty features and rewards sent to each of your customers according to their behavior and your goals

Success tracking and self-optimization – Follow Glue’s loyalty driven results and the adjustments it makes to get the maximum out of your loyalty program

Self-run rewards, coupons & points – Fully automatic and hassle free deployment of the most effective loyalty features in the market today

Stay on top of your loyalty –  comprehensive, easy to understand reports of Glue’s loyalty program’s impact on your business