Case Study – The Keg & Galley Use Glue Automated Loyalty Platform

Ira Nachtigal
October 21, 2020
2 min read
Cask The keg & Galley case study with glue
Ira Nachtigal
October 21, 2020
2 min read

About The Keg & Galley

The union of beer and food has been one of the world’s most long-standing successes. The Keg & Galley refined that union to offer a combination of high-quality real ales, craft beers & artisan spirits alongside a creative small plates menu in a cozy and welcoming environment.

The combined expertise of the brewing partners and their menu visionary offers our customers a social experience that caters to those who enjoy simplicity and quality.

There is no doubt that the way we socialize has changed over the years but for as long as the beer is brewed it will be drunk and as long as someone else is cooking, food will be eaten.

Main Usage and Key Values

With their focus on catering exceptional Food and Drinks, The Keg & Galley offers its customers a unique members club and loyalty program. In addition, The Keg & Galley is offering ongoing seasonal promotions through push notifications and high levels of continuous engagement allowing them to keep giving their customers an exclusive customer journey.


The Keg & Galley used our digital loyalty platform to develop an offering that is based on ongoing & seasonal promotions combined with loyalty cards, self-checkout, and mobile payments.

In order to execute an ongoing customer-centric loyalty strategy, The Food & Beverage Sensation  chose to use the following components:

  • Branded Loyalty Club complete with CRM, membership tiers, and a shiny mobile experience
  • Digital loyalty card, seasonal promotions, personalized greetings, and rewards
  • A digital menu integrated into the app for easy orders and payments
  • Multi-channel client communication options such as SMS, web, and e-mail



In only a short time The Keg & Galley experienced a noticeable increase in sales, driven by a steady growth of customer loyalty and retention

649 members in club

994.4 points per member were granted by the auto loyalty manager (avg)

72.1 Monthly loyalty card stamps (avg)

8.3 Monthly interactions per member (avg)

4.3 Daily loyalty attributed sales (avg)

23% Open rate on seasonal promotions

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