Digital Loyalty Cards

Helping you build customer relationships that Last

Use Glue’s super-easy digital Loyalty Cards creator and wide variety of flexible offers to help you promote new and hard-to-sell products, introduce new products and offer incentives to increase customer loyalty

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digital loyalty cards
  • Increase loyalty & revenue by making loyalty cards that best fits your business
  • Always there, ready to use, right on your customers’ phone
  • Give your customers rewards and incentives based on their own behavior and needs
  • Choose whether your customer’s loyalty card will be punched automatically or manually
  • Update, edit and change your loyalty cards in no time, anytime
    Or let Glue automatically create and offer loyalty cards, tailored to your customers’ purchasing needs and preferences.

What else can Glue’s
Digital Loyalty Cards
do for you

  • Unlimited loyalty cards creation
  • Go digital with cardless loyalty cards
  • Flexible punches option: choose between automatic card punch or a manual one
  • An easy to follow activities tracking and analysis
  • Automated loyalty cards strategy and management: According to information you provide about your business  Glue will automatically tailor and send the right loyalty card to the right customer based on their needs and behavior
  • Multiple engagement channels (mobile app, SMS, web, emails)

With Glue's digital loyalty cards you can:

  • Increase loyalty & revenue (sales/retention)
  • Reward clients for recurring visits/purchasing
  • Keep your customers coming back
  • Engage with your customers via multi communication channels
  • Update, edit and change coupons in no time, anytime
  • Promote new and hard to sell products/services

No Credit Card Required

OLD inner digital loyalty card

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Glue’s Digital loyalty cards are the best way to make long-lasting relationships with your customers. As a small business owner, relying only on the working hours of your business and in-store sales is not the most efficient way to achieve goals in revenue and customer retention. 

With a unified brand image and perfectly crafted ads, there must be some catch in-between that will turn your first-time customer into a returning one

And there is: a well-designed loyalty program!

You shouldn’t stick with outdated methods like traditional plastic or paper loyalty cards. Go with the flow and join Glue’s digital loyalty card system. The benefits of using digital loyalty cards surpass the traditional cards in many ways. The best feature is the hands-off approach, unless you want to, which is an option as well.

With digital cards, customers don’t have to worry whether they’re carrying them around – it’s all a few taps away from their smartphone. Issuing a digital loyalty card to a customer is a walk in the park. 

Like any other app in the play store, customers need to download it, register, and log in the first time. Both you and your customers will be saving a lot of time and energy.

Talk about a win-win situation!

Yet, when you are issuing the customer a physical loyalty card, you may need to pay extra attention in briefing them about how it works. 

Customers need to make sure to carry it every time they visit your store, so they can use it and collect their points. Be that as it may, this might cause some minor inconveniences. If they happen to lose it, there is a chance they’ll lose all their prior points and rewards as well. This can result in the customers losing interest in being loyal customers in the future. Additionally, you have to take into consideration that these cards can also be easily damaged.

Making sure your customers are properly informed over the difference between digital and traditional cards is vital.

The hustle doesn’t stop here.

As a small business owner, having an adequate promotion for your products or services is crucial. So, Glue’s digital loyalty card has you covered in this field as well, and executing it is a breeze.

Glue Loyalty will tailor promotions based on your customers’ needs and behavior. This is easily executed thanks to the advanced technologies in our software.

Read our blog post about “What are loyalty cards?”

By becoming a Glue Loyalty member, you as a business owner can expect to get the much-needed extra time without your business suffering in any way. 


By relying on Glue’s digital loyalty card, you get the following:

  • Ready-to-use loyalty card;
  • Increase in revenue and retention;
  • Loyalty cards tailored to your business needs;
  • Personalized incentives and rewards for your customers;
  • A manual or automatic card for punching in points;
  • Ability to edit, change or update information at any given time;
  • Spend no time using it.

If all this is too much for you and you don’t feel creative enough at the time, you could also request Glue to create loyalty cards automatically and tailor them to your customer’s preferences and needs.

We can do all the work for you!

The scope of opportunities Glue offers to small business owners is never-ending. The wide range of services also include:

  • Unlimited number of cards created by the same standards;
  • Flexibility in choosing what type of punches you would get( automatic or manual);
  • Multiple channels for you to engage your customers ( SMS, MMS, Flash deals on your website or their Digital Loyalty Card app, or even by mail);
  • Automated management and strategy for loyalty cards.

The digital loyalty card will closely follow your customer’s habits and preferences. Then, our system will collect all the information and use it to tailor promotions and offers that best fit your target.

You might already be asking yourself, and we’ll give you the answer straight away – there’s nothing Glue Loyalty can’t do to satisfy your customers.

Did you know that a 5% increase of retention can increase your profits up to around 130%? 

The numbers don’t lie!

No matter what the higher-purpose of your business is, getting an increase in revenue is always more than welcomed.

Luckily, Glue can do this for you!

The loyalty cards by Glue can also:

  • Increase retention;
  • Clients get rewards when they return to your business and make a purchase;
  • Keep track of customers who become regulars;
  • Multi communications channels for better engagement with your loyal customers;
  • No time frame for changes, updates, and edits for those with coupons;
  • Make the best promotion for the slow-moving and hard-to-sell products and services.

Starting with Glue Loyalty is as easy as a couple of clicks. First, you’ll fill out a basic questionnaire that won’t take you more than 15 minutes. Then, all the work falls into our hands. 

We’ll set up your account and you’re all set to reach your customers across multiple channels. Once you become part of the Glue community, we will send your customers rewards, reminders, notifications, and promotions. Additionally, we make sure you’re on track by sending you clear reports with loyalty and sales growth statistics.

Don’t overthink whether digital loyalty cards are the right choice for your business – take full control of your success.

Try out the free-of-credit card 14-day trial period, and see for yourself what digital loyalty cards could do for your business. We guarantee you will be surprised by the positive changes and the influx of eager customers ready to use and enjoy the journey of your loyalty program

Your needs are our number one priority, and together there isn’t a number we can’t surpass.

All you have to do is choose Glue, sit back, relax, and watch your retention numbers skyrocket!