Frequently asked

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Your business name can be up to 20 characters long but no more than 20 characters.

More than 20 characters would not appear properly on the mobile app stores.

Simply click on ‘Try Glue’ on the Glue website and complete the Onboarding Process.

Once you have completed the Onboarding process and are registered, you are essentially done. You will be redirected to your workspace. This is where you can create and edit your strategy, preferences, rewards, and even the look & feel of your club.

Once you are done creating your loyalties and rewards then your members’ club is ready and you can invite customers to your members’ club.

Under the ‘Status & Activity’ section (located in the left menu bar) of your workspace, in the ‘Overview’ section, you will find a tab called ‘Access’.


In this tab, you will find both a URL and Qr code that you can give to your customers. Once your customers scan the Qr code or click on the URL link they will be asked to register to your members’ club.


Click here for more details on where to locate your URL link and Qr code 

Glue offers a variety of rewards and benefits which you can customise to fit your business.

  • To see how to edit your Points Management System and how to add products and services to the Points Shop click here
  • To see how to create and edit Coupons click here
  • To see how to create and edit Loyalty Cards click here
  • To see how to create and edit Subscriptions click here
  • To see how to create and edit Scratch Cards click here
  • To see how to create and edit Punch Passes click here

To create and edit your products you will need to go into your workspace and select ‘Inventory’ in the left taskbar.

Under Inventory you will find ‘Items’ and ‘Services’. ‘Items’ is for your products and ‘Services’ is for the services your business provides.

Yes, you can. 

To see how to brand your members club app, please click here

The Glue Admin app allows you to keep track of your business revenue, your members club and so much more from your mobile devices. 

You can also invite customers to your members club as well as use our own POS system in the Glue Admin app. 

The Glue Admin app is free to download and use for business owners on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.


We supply an API that will connect with your website and/or your POS system.

Every time a client purchases something she/he will be awarded a reward.

The client will be able to see all the rewards she/he has on a fully branded mobile app (Branded with your company branding).

To learn more about our API, please click here

To cancel your subscription to Glue you will need to go into the Settings of your workspace and click on ‘General’ which is located in the left menu bar.

Once you are in your General Settings you will have a ‘Billing’ tab, click on this and you will see ‘Cancel Subscription’ in red text.



Please note:

If you cancel your subscription, your app will be removed from all app stores (Glue Market, Google Play & iTunes) along with all your credits and reviews. The app will not be available for users who have already installed it. Also, all premium features and content screens will be removed, along with all the information therein.