Branded Members Club

That keeps your customers coming back

  • A personalized members club under your own business’ brand
  • Store, manage and learn about your customers in one place
  • 3 Tier membership program proven to drive loyalty and motivate more purchases than ever before
  • Multiple channels to directly engage and communicate with your customers via app, sms, emails and more
  • A fully automated and hassle free loyalty management program that does the job for you
Gold membership product card

Completely automatic and totally hassle free,
Glue is the only loyalty solution you will ever need

fill-1_3 branded members club

Bringing you and your customers together

wherever they are

available features for members

A full suite of
loyalty features that turns your customers into regulars


Points Earning System






Loyalty Cards


Play-to-Win Games


Prepaid multi-passes

Your very own automated loyalty manager

Trustworthy, affordable and totally hassle free

  • Automatic loyalty strategy builder
  • Automatic weekly engagement plans
  • Success tracking and self optimisation
  • Self-run rewards, coupons and points system
  • Loyalty and sales growth analysis and reporting

With Glue,
you’re in control

  • Your own branded members club
  • Easy management dashboard
  • Behaviour and performance analysis
  • Retention and revenue reports
  • Clear and simple data display
  • Loyalty boosting recommendations
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Glue’s Branded Members Club

Glue’s members club is a valuable tool that helps businesses just like yours around the world increase customers engagement, loyalty and of course, revenues. With Glue’s 3 membership tiers you can offer your clients incentives and motivate purchases more than ever before:

Advanced Features:

  • A members club under your own brand
  • Unlimited number of members
  • (details, info, history, activity, preferences, needs, concerns, etc)/ Manage your clients in on central hub
  • A comprehensive statistics and activities dashboard
  • Bulk customers’ invite
  • Various engagement options (rewards, pushes, chat, online payments, etc)
  • Flexible membership tiers (Discounts per tier, tier upgrades, etc,)
  • Bring along (referral) program
  • Exclusive club option
  • Multiple touchpoints (mobile app, SMS, emails)
  • Smart tagging (grouping/clients’ segmentation)
  • Automatic loyalty strategy (Self-launched, self-managed)
  • Automated reward program (behavior-based rewards)


  • Increase your customers visit frequency, retention, revenue, loyalty, and keep them engaged using customized rewards
  • Easily store and manage your leads, contacts, and clients in one online place
  • Get full statistical reports on clients’ activities and behavior, and reward your loyal clients wherever they are, all the time.
  • Focus on creativity. Not administration. (Self-managed members club)
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