Members Club

Bringing you and your customers together.
Wherever they are.

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A flexible, features-packed CRM

  • Unlimited leads & contacts storage
  • Import from existing CRM
  • Invite customers manually
  • Enable customers to self-register on their phones
  • Purchase and behavior tracking for effective targeting
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Membership tiers for long term relationships

  • Encourage repeat business
  • Tailor tiers conditions to your business
  • Personalise your tiers’ with names & colors
  • Customize your tier rewards to suit your goals
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Endless marketing campaign options

  • Plan, create and customize a huge variety of marketing activities
  • Drum up more business by rewarding members for referrals
  • Create Google Ads growth campaigns
  • Encourage walk-ins with Geo-Fencing campaigns
  • Get personal with holidays and special occasions greetings
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What else do you get
with your Members Club:

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A Full Suite of
Loyalty Product

From the must have to the bleeding edge, Glue’s membership club offers all the loyalty features you will ever need - Points Earning Systems, digital coupons, loyalty cards and so much more. Create, promote, engage, retain, manage and optimise(!), quickly and easily, from any device, and watch your revenues going up and your customers coming back.

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Your Very Own Automated
Loyalty Manager

Putting the free in ‘hassle-free’, Glue builds you a truly engaging loyalty strategy based on your business’s needs and customers behaviour. Glue also executes it automatically with self-run rewards, coupons and points system on a weekly basis and employs a success tracking and self optimisation to make sure you're always on your customers' minds.

Glue and Branded Members Club
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