Managing a Pet Shop?

Getting Glue for your pet shop is like hiring your very own loyalty manager, one who knows what your customers and their best friends like and just how to get them back in the door. From getting your customers to try your newest tasty treats to calling-in all cat lovers and everything in between, Glue will help make your pet shop place to be, whether on 2 legs or 4.

Here’s what you get
when you go Glue

A branded members club

Reach Pet People everywhere

Create a community of pet owners with your very own members club, helping you reach your customers wherever they are via a designated app, text message, email, etc. and let them know all about your offers and pet shop news, personally, tailored to their very own pet.

Loyalty Manager

Stop chasing your tail

Glue’s automated loyalty manager is a true friend when it comes to saving you time and hassle. It will automatically send your clients and their pets treats and rewards and give them just the right TLC to make them come back again and again.

And a full suite of loyalty driving
products Including but not limited to:

Digital gift cards

Not just for party animals

Whether it’s your customers’ birthday of their furry friends’, Glue’s digital gift card is the perfect present to help them celebrate in style, and help you keep them coming back to your shop.

Digital payment processing

Like a walk in the park

Making your customers’ lives easier is always a treat. Glue’s Digital payment processing allows your customers to pay you over their phones, making spontaneous purchases possible. Cos we all know how impulsive hamsters can be.

Loyalty Cards

It’s an animal attraction

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for being loyal, not just dogs. Reward your customers for their loyalty with Glue’s digital card. You can even tailor each card to fit your customer’s and their pet’s like, so they keep coming back for more.

Online booking

Time for a doggy-hairdo

Is your customer’s rug covered with dog hair? Does their cat look like a furball?
No need to worry, with Glue’s online booking they can arrange their furry friend a makeover right from their phones, making their lives easier and their pets catwalk ready.

Glue for
Pet Shops

  • Glue’s loyalty program is based on research and data from over 450 pet shops worldwide
  • Glue turns 24% of customers into regulars
  • On average, Glue increases pet shops’ annual revenue-driven revenues by $17K