A Loyalty Program for Your Restaurant

Treat your restaurant to Glue’s loyalty program! Getting a new customer costs 16 times more than retaining an existing one, and around 68% of millennials say they wouldn’t be loyal to a business without a good loyalty program. Restaurant owners know how hard it is to become that ‘go-to’ place.

Glue helps you get there simply and easily!

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What You Get When With Glue’s Loyalty Program for Restaurants

Glue’s restaurant loyalty program is specifically designed for restaurants and their customers. With Glue’s loyalty programs for restaurants, you will get a full loyalty features suite guaranteed to bring your customers back

The loyalty programs for small businesses offered by Glue is divided into six industries that we’re currently covering, and more: 

Full Suite Of Loyalty Products for Restaurants, But Not Limited To:

Digital Gift Cards

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Nothing shows more care than gifts. With Glue you can offer gift cards that your customers can purchase for their loved ones. You’ll be increasing your revenue and opening the doors to more customers than ever.

Digital Payment Processing

Bye-bye paper

Paper is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Provide your customers with the convenience of paying you online at any time. 

Online Booking

Next-level organizational skills

No-shows and late cancellations can really put you in hot water. With Glue your customers can book a table online and get reminders. That’s just one less thing for you to worry about. 

Tailored Coupons

Today’s specials 

Everyone’s a fan of the good old coupon. However, your customers will appreciate the custom-made coupons tailored to their tastes. What’s more, customers won’t have to worry about carrying around the coupons, because with Glue – everything is digital (except for the food). 


How does Glue Loyalty work for small businesses?

Glue is an automated loyalty program designed specifically for busy local business owners. Based on advanced AI and automation technology, Glue offers the easiest, fastest, and most effective way for local businesses to keep their customers coming back again and again.

Glue’s zero-touch solution increases customer engagement, generates repeat business, and boosts sales, all the while freeing the business owners to take care of their business.

With Glue, you spend 10-15 minutes answering some easy and fun questions to design your club to your business’s needs. 

After the first step, the platform sets up your branded and personalized members club, enabling you to reach your customers across multiple channels with a full suite of loyalty-boosting features.

The best part? Every week, Glue automatically sends your customers individual incentives, reminders, and notifications to boost loyalty and increase your revenues! 

Glue offers businesses a 14-day free trial that includes a membership program and a range of loyalty features such as rewards, loyalty cards, a points-earning system, and more, all designed to bring your customers back. It is ideal for you to turn your visitors into loyal customers – and Glue is here to cover that!

A good Loyalty program will keep diners happy and coming back for more. Our research shows that by using our loyalty program for restaurants, yo u can expect an increase in profits from around 25 to 95%. 

Additionally, approximately 80% of awarded customers will share their positive experiences with your restaurant with friends and family. 

See here some ideas for your restaurant loyalty program

Glue’s Loyalty cards creator lets you promote new and hard-to-sell products, introduce new products and offer incentives to increase customer loyalty.

Furthermore, with Glue’s loyalty cards you can: 

  • Increase loyalty and revenue;  
  • Reward your clients for recurring visits; 
  • Keep your customers coming back; 
  • Engage with your customers via multi communication channels;
  • Update, edit and change coupons in no time;
  • Promote new and hard-to-sell products/services.

The platform offers many digital loyalty card features for any restaurant. You can go digital with ‘cardless’ loyalty cards, create unlimited loyalty cards, and choose between an automatic or manual punch.

 According to the information you provide about your business, the platform will automatically customize and send the right loyalty card to the right customer based on their needs and behavior.

Glue’s points earning system increases loyalty and traffic with the most valuable, revenue-increasing proven loyalty tool that’ll keep your customers coming back. You can enjoy the most efficient and flexible loyalty driving tool that many restaurant owners use and experience ongoing loyalty driving interaction. 

The system offers you a variety of features such as digital referral programs, including incentives and rewards, online points redeeming for your customers’ needs, and a flexible points manager that you can adjust according to your business needs.

With Glue digital coupons creator, you can easily create a variety of offers to help you promote your products or services. In just a few minutes, you can create and design beautiful and valuable coupons. With digital coupon tools, you can send relevant offers to the right customer with smart-targeted campaigns via SMS, App, email, and more. Or, let Glue’s manager automatically manage your loyalty program for maximum results. 

The loyalty program for restaurants that include digital coupons can help you: 

  • Increase revenue; 
  • Promote hard-to-sell products/services; 
  • Engage with your customers via multi communication channels; 
  • Update, edit and change coupons;
  • Send geo-location notifications or targeted audience campaigns. 

The platform offers highly flexible and customizable subscriptions to fit your business needs. It provides restaurant owners steady and recurring revenue that simplifies financial forecasting, better marketing results, higher client retention rates, improved margins, and accessible inventory and schedule management.

 With Glue’s subscriptions, you can also improve inventory and supply management, spend less time dealing with payments, increase customers’ lifetime value and loyalty, minimize competitors’ pull, optimize your business activity and customer service.

With Glue programs, only pay for members who join. The first plan that Glue offers is for the first seven members, and it’s free of charge.

 From 8-100 members, the cost is $0.69 per customer. For 101-250 members who join, the monthly fee is $0.59. It means $59.9/month for local businesses. On the other hand, Glue offers different prices for enterprises. From 251 to 1000 members who join, companies will be charged $0.49 per member or starting at $122.9/month. And from 1001 to 2500 members, the charge is fixed at $420/monthly.

Glue’s restaurant loyalty program is specifically designed for restaurants and their customers. With loyalty programs for restaurants, you will get a full loyalty features suite that will bring your customers back, including loyalty cards, coupons, subscriptions, play-to-win games, prepaid multi passes, and points earning system. And, of course, an automated loyalty manager will send the right incentive to the right person.