Managing a Cannabis Dispensary?

Getting Glue for your dispensary is like hiring your very own loyalty manager. From special offers on products to promoting the latest accessories and everything in between, Glue will help make your dispensary the most smokin’ place on the block.

No Credit Card Required

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Here’s what you get
when you go Glue

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A branded members club

Become Best Buds

Interact with your customers directly on their phone! Manage your client’s info and likes, promote special deals, show off new products, and so much more. Push notification, SMS, WhatsApp, and even email, making sure to keep your customers rolling back.

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Automated loyalty manager

You just chill

Glue does everything for you, our AI is here to take care of bringing your customers back so you don’t have to. Glue makes building lasting relationships with your clients so easy, you’ll have more time to focus on other things. We’ll get to know your customers so well, it will toke your breath away. Yes, we just did that.

And a full suite of loyalty products
Including, but definitely not limited to:


Digital Gift Cards

Always A Reason to Celebrate

Everybody loves a treat, and we all love being treated. Whenever your customers and their loved ones need a pick me up,  offer them one of your digital gift cards! No matter the occasion, you can make it easy, fast and convenient for them to show others some green lovin


Digital Payment Processing

Two of Our Favorite Things are Green

Your customer just arrived after a long day at work, only to realize they forgot their wallet at the office. But thank the green Gods, your shop uses Glue! With our digital payments system, your customers can pop in whenever they like, wallet on hand or not.

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Loyalty Cards

Loyalty on a higher level

Your customers are there for you just like you are for them, so why not reward the loyal ones with some edibles or a grinder after they make X amount of purchases? And the loyalty cards remain on their phones, so they’ll never miss a chance to treat themselves!

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Tailored Coupons

That Special feeling

Each of your clients is different from the next. Some like glass products, others prefer rolling papers. Some like sativa, while others go for indica. Glue knows this, so our digital coupons are tailored specifically to each of your clients – making them feel even more special.

Glue for

  • Glue’s loyalty program is based on research and data from over 460 dispensaries worldwide
  • Glue turns 22% of customers into regulars
  • On average, Glue increases dispensaries’ annual revenues by $20K

No Credit Card Required

Cannabis Dispensary loyalty