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Glue Business App

As you will have already experienced, your workspace will show you all of the information in relation to your business and how Glue is working for you, however a lot of business owners are constantly on the move, therefore we have built this Glue Business App that allows you the business owner access to your business on the go.

The Glue Business App gives you an overview of how your business is operating, keeping up with the weekly work plan, and having the ability to monitor and interact with your member’s club.

On a tablet, the Glue Business App will also have the extra features of Order Handling capabilities as well as your very own POS.

When you log on to your Glue Business App you choose the business that you want to attend to, you may have one single business or many, once you choose the business you will be able to see the list of features available for that business

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A lot like the homepage of the workspace, the overview page of your Glue Business App shows you a lot of statistics in relation to your revenues, purchases to visits as well as average spend per member 

Also on the tablet, you can view how your business is doing on the current date as well as being able to apply a filter to track back in dates to see previous results

You can also compare this period against the previous to see how your business is progressing




In the side menu bar you will see options to chat with our Support Team, Register a New Client, Switch to another business if you have multi businesses with Glue or Log Out


Loyalty Strategy

In the Loyalty Strategy tab you will be able to monitor your weekly workplan, you can see how the automated Glue manager is working for you and your business.

Using the coupons, loyalty cards and other loyalty features that you have created for your business you can watch how the platform rewards loyalty, tries to engage with members you haven’t been active with your business for a while.






Giving you a complete overview of your loyalty strategy, gives you the ability to identify what is working for your business and what needs to be focused on to increase revenues.


In the left menu bar you will be able to see the weekly work plan and view what your members are receiving in relation to rewards and incentives

You will also be able to see available coupons, loyalty cards, punch passes, subscriptions etc that are available

Order Handling

Under the Order Handling tab you can see any orders or bookings coming into your business, you can update the order as it progresses from ordered to shipped, as well as being able to view orders that are on hold for any reason that may be effecting the order process


*This can only be seen from the Tablet/IPad version of the glue Business App



In the side bar menu you can check between orders that are currently being processed, shipped or view cancelled orders and the reason that the order was cancelled




Through the Glue Business App we offer all businesses their very own POS system

When you open the POS system, you can view available Coupons, Loyalty Cards etc as well as a full list of products or services that are available from your business

*This can only be seen from the Tablet/IPad version of the glue Business App



To use the POS, search for the member that you are transacting with in the search bar, once you find them, add the product or service that they want from your business, if they have a relevant reward to use the redeem button below the total of the sale will prompt you to use a due reward of the member

You can also set the till float amount when opening and closing the Cash Drawer, you will also have the ability to add or edit sales for the likes of petty cash purchases. At the end of the day then a running total will be given showing an amount of cash that should be reflected in the cash drawer.



Members Club

In the Business App you will also be able to monitor your members club from your mobile device, or by using a Tablet/Ipad you will be able to monitor, engage and update member information manually if required.



View your members on an individual basis as well as having the ability to interact with each member if needed from awarding points manually, assign them a coupon or even engage in a chat with that member

*This can only be seen from the Tablet/IPad version of the glue Business App


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