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Engagement channels

Push Campaigns

With Glue’s easy-to-use push notifications feature, you can create, schedule, and send push messages. Capture clients’ attention and keep them engaged with updates, incentives, reminders, and promotions.

Send relevant notifications to all users, or send personalised offers to a specific group of clients, based on their purchase behaviour, interests and more.


Push Campaign Options:

  • Time-sensitive – Send immediately or schedule in advance.
  • Reminders – Customise reminders and set default times to send daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
  • Location-based – Trigger a push notification to users who are located close to your business location.
  • Greetings – Send personal messages to engage clients on special occasions and holidays.
  • Promotions – Promote coupons, loyalty cards, products, or customised promotions with PDF files, images, links, videos, audios and more.


Time Sensitive

Send clients updates about your business, announce new products, greet them on holidays, and more. Create push notifications to be sent immediately or scheduled in advance.



Tailor notifications and send them at the right time and place. Use marketing personalisation and boost your in-store traffic by sending push notifications to users who are located within the radius of your business location.



Set default times to send daily/weekly/monthly/annually customised reminders once clients book appointments. Whether you want to remind a trainee to drink water, or that it’s time for their routine checkup, push notification reminders is the best method to do so.



Send personalised offers to clients and engage them on their birthday, holidays, and other special occasions. Show your clients you care by sharing holiday sales, exclusive deals, and special events to build up excitement.



Let your clients know about seasonal offers and discounts through their smartphones.

Keep your clients engaged using updates and promotions. Promote coupons, loyalty cards, products or customised promotions with PDF files, images, links, videos, audios and more. Share new content and features, updates about your business, and more.



See how many users received your push campaign, how many opened it and the locations of your users.


Promote your a new feature such as a Loyalty Card using Push Notifications


Once you created a loyalty card, we recommend for you to inform your clients about it with a simple push notification.

Go to the Push Notifications section on the left main menu and choose whether to send it in another time (the Schedule tab) or to send it now (Send Now tab). To create a new push campaign click the plus icon.

Push Target Audience & Timing – Choose who you want to send this to (all your app users or a specific group of clients).

The next step is to customise the push notification.

On the “Type of Promotion” section, choose Loyalty Cards and select the loyalty card you wish to promote. This push message will redirect clients to the Loyalty Card:




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