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In the Members section, you can manage your clients’ information and actions. You will also have separate tabs for the following:

  • Members
  • Guests
  • Invited
  • Contacts
  • Groups


Members – Your database of clients – People who downloaded your app and registered

Guests – These are people that have visited your members club but haven’t downloaded your members club app

Invited – These are people who have been invited to your members’ club but haven’t accepted the invite yet

Contacts – Contacts within your phonebook on your mobile phone

Groups – The Groups tab enables you to see which groups your clients are ascribed to and update these groups where needed. Grouping clients enable you to send deals to a specific group of clients.


*Guests or Invited users move automatically to the Members list once registered and their phone number is recognised.




Add Clients 

You can add clients manually, one by one, by submitting their personal details or by uploading a file with all the required information.

We recommend submitting birthdays and anniversary dates as well, so you’ll be able to send clients special offers and greetings on special dates.






The clients’ list should be uploaded as an xls, xlsx or csv file. Download one of the example files to help you organise your clients in the correct format.




Make sure there are no empty rows (Name, Phone number and Email). When you’re finished, upload your list. Click on “Drop file” to upload, and choose the file from your computer. 

You will see the clients in the Invites tab. Once they install it, they will become Members and will be displayed on the Members tab.




User account backup

Keep client records for easy account retrieval even if your client’s device is lost or broken. As long as they have the same phone number, Glue backs up all clients’ records including purchase history, scheduling, coupons, loyalty cards, and all previous app activities.



In the Members tab, you can manage your clients’ information and actions.


Collect clients details

In the Members tab, create clients profiles including personal details, interaction log history, and customised rewards. Segment clients based on prior purchases and interests. You can tailor and maximise your marketing efforts by targeting each group segment effectively.

We recommend that you make sure birthdays and anniversaries are submitted correctly because then you can surprise them with greetings and special offers on their special dates.

* Members can update their personal details on your mobile app when they click on their avatar icon and then select ‘My Account’. Once in here they will see the ‘Edit Profile’ option.





In the Actions tab, you can perform various actions for each member – redeem rewards, stamp Loyalty cards, grant rewards, and grant points, send payment requests, files, emails, content pages, and view the activity log with all the actions and interactions per member.







The Rewards tab includes personal rewards you sent to a specific client, and the option to redeem them. Personal rewards are personalised deals you can offer a specific client. To create a new one, click “grant reward” and submit your offer. Users will see their Rewards on your mobile app, under My Account.




Recent Activity 

Here you can manage a log for specific clients. View their activity history and add new ones.





Punch Loyalty Cards:

Simply click on ‘Loyalty Cards’ and then click on the stamp icon for which loyalty card you want to stamp for your customer.





Updating/Downloading clients information:

You can download each client’s info to an excel file:




Or you can download all the members’ information to one excel file:




You can use this file to update the information of one or several members – Before you can update your members’ information, you will need to click “download XLS”. Once downloaded, edit the fields and upload the revised file.

Note: Do not change the order and/or number of columns in the excel file



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