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Publishing to Google Play Store

With Glue, you can publish your unique, fully branded App to both the Google and Apple Play Stores.


This feature is included in our SuperGlue level or can be purchased as an add-on with all other price plans.


With Glue, you no longer need to set up your own Developer account, you can publish directly through us on either your Admin App or Workspace! Simply click on  “Club App” and follow the prompts to complete your submission.


You will need to provide your company or business registration details, as well as some personal details, and Glue will take care of the rest.



Google’s own team of reviewers will assess your app’s suitability, ensuring that all criteria is met. These criteria can extend to copyright, suitability for their Marketplace, and verification of Business Ownership.


Please contact support for ANY further information or advice on publishing.




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