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Publishing to Apple Play Store

You can publish your fully branded App, by firstly setting up an Apple Developer account, directly through the link provided here

Or alternatively, by following the prompts provided through our Market Place link in “Integrations and Add-Ons”

Apple has strict criteria that need to be met before they will approve any app for publishing on their store. The App is reviewed independently by an Apple team and will revert back to you if they have any further requirements.

The following details must be provided during registration in order to combat delays in having your submitted app reviewed and approved:


*The business MUST be listed as a Company/Organisation Type*

– App Name (must be limited to 30 characters)
– Phone number (must be valid landline / mobile number)
– Copyright
– Category (Can be changed by request)
– Description
– Keywords
– Support URL (is set by default)
– Marketing URL (is set by default)
– Privacy Policy URL (is set by default)
Once your Apple Developer Account is set up, you will need to invite Glue to provide admin support on the account. This will allow us to receive notifications of any further requirements by Apple and also provide us with valuable updates in relation to the stages of your submission. To do this please complete the following steps:
2. Go to Users and Access
3. Click on +
4. Under Roles select ‘Admin‘ and fill the other fields for
5. Click ‘Invite’


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