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Collecting Payments

This section shows 3 labels, these settings are to link your bank account to the platform and create a payment gateway for you to take payments from your customers


  • Profile
  • Your Bank
  • Payment Methods






First, you will need to set up your business profile. The details you need to provide will be different if you are an individual or a business entity, and for different countries (for instance, you will need to provide the last 3 digits of your social security number if you are in the USA)



If you are in a Stripe supported country –  you can receive credit card payments using your Stripe account.

In the Profile tab, you will be able to see


  • the status of your account
  • if you can accept payments from clients
  • if the funds can be transferred to your bank account
  • information regarding your balance and sales volume




You can also connect a Stripe account by clicking on ‘Connect Stripe Account’ and completing the details

Your Bank

Under the ‘Connected Accounts’ tab you can connect the bank account associated with your business, click on the + sign on the right and add your details

Under the ‘Payout Schedule’ tab you can set it up to see when funds received from within your app will be deposited in your bank account

Payment Methods

This is a list of how you can receive payments, you can activate and deactivate to accommodate your business and customers.

In order to be able to take credit/debit card payments you will need to create your profile.


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