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Glue Settings

Here you will see the general settings for 5 sections of your workspace


  • General settings
  • Members Club settings
  • Loyalty settings
  • Shop settings
  • Booking settings



General settings

In this section you can set your business information such as your email address, phone number and address.




You can also set your business settings like what currency you operate in, tax rates, time zone etc as well as your refund and cancellation policies




You can add any other custom policies that you may have for your business as well as applying the settings for your POS & Ad Hoc payments




*Please remember to save any changes that you have made

Members Club settings

Apply the settings to your members club such as activating the exclusive members club, receiving notifications when a member updates their details as well as deciding what information you want to collect from your members.

By setting the Members Club as exclusive, members can join by your invitation only.
Set the duration of the exclusive membership, and the contact email that will appear if someone wishes to join or have any issues. When you are done, click “Save”
Once set, go to the Members tab, invite new members and activate/deactivate members as you wish.
New members will receive a text message or email with a link to download your app.




You can also control the labels within your Members Personal Zone, control whether to show them and rename them if required.





Loyalty settings

Control whether you wish for the points that your members collect expire or not and if you choose for them to expire you can set a number of months or years for them to be active for





The Loyalty Manager can also be given instructions in relation to upcoming holidays, program when a first notice about an upcoming promotion for certain a holiday, set when the reward that you are offering is valid from before the holiday and when it expires after the holiday is over.


Shop Settings

Here you can control the settings of your shop in relation to how you want your orders to appear and how many days before a due date that you want to mark an order.


You can also set Inventory Management & Tracking settings where you can set the system to auto track your inventory as well as having the ability to hide out of stock items


Lastly you have the shipping rules where you can set the rules regarding the delivery of your products, set by weight, price, fixed rate or free shipping, choose the regions that you can ship to as well as setting the prices for all of these options


Booking Settings

In the settings for Booking you can set your business hours, sync calendars to avoid missed bookings or double bookings, set the default employee & service that is shown as an example in your layout as well as scheduling reminders to be sent before a booking


Available Hours


Define your hours of operation, how they will display on your calendar, the time gap between bookings, set bookings to be able to be made outside business hours if required as well as allowing bookings to exceed working hours.



Sync Existing Calendars


Sync your employees calendars with the business calendar to keep track on all bookings made and employee availability



Default Employee & Service 


Set the employee and service that you want to appear as the example that the system uses to show your members how to book



Send Reminders for Scheduled Meetings


Schedule when to send a reminder to your member about the appointment, either the day before or one hour before or both.



Billing Settings

In the billing settings you can view your bill and any previous payments made to glue in relation to your subscription to the platform


View your upcoming bill under ‘Current Billing Cycle’ as well as having the ability to see any previous bills  under ‘Billing History’


The ability to cancel your subscription to Glue is also available within the ‘Billing Settings’


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