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Stamp Cards

Using the Stamp Card clients can earn stamps based on their purchases, and redeem them for gifts. Promote new and hard-to-sell products by offering them a reason to visit frequently – and keep them engaged with fun incentives to create a sense of loyalty towards your business.


Add the Stamp Card feature to your app to receive:


  • Various types of Stamp Card, based on your price plan
  • Customized reward plans for your business
  • A proven way to connect with clients
  • Easy to use and customize


Consumers are five times more likely to become returning clients when they have access to a Loyalty card. They also spend 60% more on each purchase.


You can modify and customise the type of stamp card you wish to offer your customer as seen below. If you need any further information, please contact us through our support chat or at



How does it work?

Your clients make purchases on your app on products/services that you have an active loyalty card for and are rewarded with “stamps”. Once they’ve earned enough stamps, they receive their reward based on the Loyalty card you chose – a discount or a free product.

Glue offers you three types of loyalty cards:

  1. Loyalty Card Plan X + Y– The most common Loyalty card as it encourages clients to keep buying from your store. The concept is simple: buy X items and get Y items FREE.
  2. Discount Plan X + %– The discount loyalty card offers a certain percentage off on the next purchase. This can apply to a specific item in the cart.
  3. Rewards Plan X + Gift– Reward your clients with a gift based on prior purchases. Buy X times and get a free gift.


Create a New Loyalty Card

Find the offers section on the left main menu and go to the loyalty cards tab. To create a new loyalty card, click on the plus icon and start submitting the required fields.






This is how your card will be displayed on your mobile app:




Note: Once clients complete a purchase that is related to this loyalty card (purchase a product or a service that is part of his loyalty card), the card will automatically be punched.


Manually Stamp a Loyalty Card


  • Go to the ‘Members’ section located in the ‘Club Activity’ section within the left menu bar, choose the member in question and then press the picture icon to the right. In the ‘Actions’ list choose ‘Stamp Card’






  • Your member may have various loyalty cards so choose the loyalty card you wish to stamp
  • Click on Punch, you will then notice that the number of stamps on this loyalty card has increased by 1 stamp.





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