A love (and loyalty) letter to you, the busy business owner

February 10, 2021
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Love or loyalty letter for business owner
February 10, 2021
< 1 min read

Keeping it together


A love (and loyalty) letter to our customers this Valentines


By Ira Nachtigal, CEO, glue 


Hey there all you dreamers, doers, and Gluers, 


When we first started Glue, which preceded the global pandemic by only a few months, our vision was to keep local business owners and their customers together. 


We spent many late-night meetings talking about how crucial it was to support local business owners. We dreamed about how we, or rather our product, will bring local communities together, and help the small, busy, brick and mortar business owners thrive by bringing them and their customers together. 


Happily, we had backers who believed (and still believe) in us and our mission, and an awesome team that felt (and still feels) that what we do here matters. That’s how we managed to create this amazing product. 


For our clients, Glue is so much more than just another loyalty solution or a loyalty card creator tool. It is a thinking, reacting, communicating platform that lets them show their customers love and do it while keeping their business together, keeping their lives together, keeping their dreams together. 

This year, in the spirit of ‘spreading the love’, we created a special treat for all of you in the form of a  coupon and a push campaign, designed to keep you, and your customers together, this Valentine’s day, and all year round. In case you missed it, it’s ok, Glue sends it automatically for you.


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day everyone, spread some love, and keep it together. 






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