Best Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Nail Salon

Ira Nachtigal
April 14, 2021
3 min read
women working to attract more customers to nail salon
Ira Nachtigal
April 14, 2021
3 min read

Running a successful nail salon enterprise is no walk in the park.
In terms of small businesses, running one rightfully and prosperously is detrimental, especially in this day and age.
But, what if turning your nail salon venture into a sustainable business is not just a realistic concept, but a thriving one at that?
A nail parlor is more than a business. It is actually a community where like-minded folk share a common need and gather to make the most of what a related brand has to offer.
When it comes to maintaining a successful nail salon business, drawing in customers is only half the battle, as keeping customers loyal to your brand seems to be the trickier part.
However, thanks to cleverly designed loyalty programs, you can now achieve both!

Promote Customer Loyalty

One of the best ways you can have an ever-growing number of customers coming to your nail salon is by promoting customer loyalty.
While they may not show it, all customers like to feel appreciated. That goes especially for your regular and most reliable patrons.
But providing a few free-of-charge manicures and nail polishes just won’t cut it. You need to find more creative ways of making your customers feel not only appreciated but as members of your small community.
And we assure you, the benefits of fostering a customer loyalty climate are manifold.
But first thing’s first.

Developing a Loyalty Program

While loyalty programs will undeniably be a major boost to any business, they are particularly beneficial to small, service-based businesses like nail salons.
A loyalty plan helps strengthen the relationship between your business and your existing customers, while always attracting a new crowd.
For that, you need a smart customer loyalty platform that is data-driven and research-based, which will help identify all your customers’ needs and offer the best nail salon loyalty cards.

Create a Branded Membership

As said, your customers like to feel appreciated and privileged.
And what better way to give your regulars a sense of unique belonging than creating a branded members club?
A members club will enhance interactions between your nail salon and customers, and more importantly, it will ramp up customer engagement across social media platforms, in turn, increasing your profits.

Go Digital

Providing loyalty benefits the traditional way will only get you so far.
In order to keep expanding your business, you would need to reach out to that all-important client base — millennials.
Fortunately, there’s the simplest of solutions to this issue — digitizing your business, as well as your loyalty digital program.
That means certain loyalty offers customers receive the old-fashioned way will need to be provided in a new digital format.

A Practical Payment Method

Because there is always a small risk of ruining that flawless manicure by using cash dollars, a digital payment method is probably in order.
Offer your customers the option of paying for your services online to eliminate any chance of this unfortunate prospect.
And the best part, customers can pay for the service at any time, even before getting to your salon.
It’s a simple, yet extremely practical and effective loyalty benefit for the ultimate customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Offer Digital Presents

When we say “digital presents,” what we have in mind are so-called digital loyalty cards.
These are digital gift cards that offer, say, a free pedicure or manicure — a simple yet effective business move.
Allow customers to also purchase loyalty cards for their friends and family and you will see your clientele grow like never before.

Loyalty Bookings

Scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, no-shows… OH MY!
Not to worry, an adequate online booking system will solve all your troubles.
Loyalty online bookings can allow your clients to schedule their appointments in advance, and you can send them reminders or the option to cancel their appointment in order to avoid any mix-ups.

Offer Smart Loyalty Benefits

Getting to know your customers works both in you and your customers’ favor.
But since you’re running a business, you will need a loyalty plan that will make it easier for you to identify your clients’ preferences.
Some like short-trimmed nails, others like them longer. Some prefer French, and others prefer shellac.
That’s where tailored coupons come in.
Create digital loyalty coupons adjusted to your client’s specific needs and let them know you care about their preferences.

Glue Loyalty is the Best Loyalty Program for Your Nail Salon

Glue Loyalty offers all of the abovementioned elements and integrates them in your business to create and maintain a strong and trusty relationship with your clients and support different types of customer loyalty.
Glue Loyalty’s research-based analysis dives deeper and helps you establish a specifically tailored loyalty program based on your clients’ habits and preferences.
It maximizes profits, enhances business operations, and keeps your ever-growing customer base continually gratified.

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