Key Marketing Tips for Beauty Salon Business

Ira Nachtigal
April 14, 2021
3 min read
Hairdresser working with young woman in beauty salon
Ira Nachtigal
April 14, 2021
3 min read

The beauty industry has been around forever. Living in an era of ever-changing beauty trends has urged salon businesses to keep up with the latest marketing tricks in order to beat the competition and be unique in both customer retention and attracting new clientele.

If you are at a loss for new ideas on how to give your beauty salon the business boost it needs, we have three words for you – quality loyalty programs.  

Read on as we get into the latest trends on how to keep your beauty salon business thriving by implementing a high-level beauty salon loyalty program.

Perfect the Basics

It doesn’t matter if you are a new owner or have run a beauty salon for years. 

When it comes to loyalty programs, these are the mere foundation of your beauty salon business and can be a true game-changer in the way you manage it.

By incorporating a loyalty program for your beauty salon, you will appeal to a variety of potential customers and impress them with quality of service and numerous perks and loyalty features, all the while retaining your loyal clientele. But how?

Improve Visual Branding

The secret to any successful brand lies in its visual presentation. Visual enhancements will reflect the mission of your beauty salon business through a dynamic presentation, and your customers will be granted a unique experience when using your site or social media channels. Visual branding can include various steps, such as introducing video content, tutorials, testimonials, creating engaging polls for your followers, and promoting your brand in a tech-savvy manner.   

Give Your Beauty Salon Some Character

For your beauty salon to become distinguishable and successful, you need to revamp your indoor space and breathe some life into your brand. You can do this by turning your employees into brand ambassadors, creating a catchy business slogan, and designing an inviting space for your clientele to enjoy. What does your beauty salon say about your brand? Is it edgy? Contemporary? Boho? Spa-like?  Regardless of the direction you take, fully commit to it and make your brand stand out. 

Target Your Audience

If you want to maintain your regular clientele while also attracting new clients, you should understand the type of audience your salon attracts. Once your audience is targeted, you should commit to making them feel comfortable with your brand, trust it, and crave more of it. Being friendly with all of your visitors will make your beauty salon a safe haven for all clients to relax, feel appreciated, and taken care of all at the same time.

Interaction Strategies

When it comes to implementing a satisfactory loyalty program for your beauty salon, one of the main goals is to bond with your clientele accordingly. This means there is no better way to promote yourself or your brand than to present yourself in the finest, most indulging light possible. You can achieve this by:

Creating a Brand Website

Your website defines you and your brand, so treat it as a place where you can tell your story, answer frequently asked questions, and make it easier for potential customers to find you. A website gives your brand higher legitimacy and reliability; so the more informative and detailed it is, the greater its success and popularity will be. 

Email & Reviews

Engaging in an email newsletter is a smart loyalty program tactic that can help your beauty salon business reach out to potential and existing clients easily. Emails can offer anything from promotions, discounts, or the latest brand information, and can also feature blog tips and educational, brand-oriented tutorials. As for reviews, allowing your clients to rate your business allows you to respond to their needs more easily and make adjustments in your promotions or features. 

Social Media

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or another platform, social media is your best ally in promoting your beauty salon brand. As part of a successful loyalty program, you can rely on social media advertising to engage with customers by posting relevant photos, showcasing your services, offering promotions and rewards, or even inviting the media to your salon for a detailed tour.

Glue Loyalty: Aesthetic Loyalty Program at Its Finest

When considering the top loyalty programs for your beauty salon, Glue Loyalty is your ideal choice. Going Glue means you have a loyal partner in everything you do. Glue’s loyalty programs do it all on your behalf – from creating reminders and promotions, to detailing discount offers, rewarding VIP clients, offering beauty treatment giveaways and even engaging with your customers in a manner that keeps them coming back for more. 

Glue’s automated loyalty manager manager ensures seamless management of your brand, achieved through personalizing and customizing your brand’s needs. Moreover, Glue offers loyalty program for beauty salons, loyalty program for aesthetic clinic that make your business a part of a branded members club, which helps facilitate the way you communicate with your clients.

Glue’s loyalty tools also offer a three-tiered membership program, which helps manage your business successfully and offers your customers countless loyalty benefits — such as coupon creator, online booking, prepaid punch cards, and of course, much-deserved rewards for your most valued customers. 

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