Members Only: Creating a Branded Loyalty Club

Alon Zuck
February 17, 2022
3 min read
Creating a Branded Loyalty Club
Alon Zuck
February 17, 2022
3 min read

We all love being part of a community or team, working towards a shared goal and celebrating achievements and milestones together. This is exactly how club memberships can work in the world of business.

By creating a sense within your club members that they are integral to the running of your small business, you can create a network where your clients can feel engaged, you can communicate with them directly, and build solid relationships.

Let’s take a look at how a membership program can be a benefit for your small business by harboring a sense of exclusivity your clients will love.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

Once you have created your branded members club, you’ve immediately created your own communication channel.

When your club members join you can collect relevant data, such as their date of birth, email address, contact telephone number and more. All of this can be stored, with their consent, and used to create your own marketing campaigns.

If your club membership is digital, which you really should consider, you can ask your customers to download a loyalty program app giving you the option of sending push notifications, emails, and other promotional messages that customers can receive on the go. You can perfectly time your notifications with upcoming deals and offers.

You can message your club members with details of upcoming events, new products or exclusive members-only deals that help your members feel valued, while also keeping them up to date with all your brand news.

It’s important to remember that your communication channel works both ways. You can use the opportunity to ask your loyal club members for feedback about their recent experience with your business. This in turn can help shape the way you want your business to evolve and change.

It’s vital to remember that you must have customer consent before sending push notifications or storing their personal data.

Engage the Whole Family

By creating a digital branded loyalty club, you can engage with the whole family. Creative and engaging rewards such as Scratch & Win campaigns will see younger members wanting to get involved.

You can also offer family and friends rewards to members, encouraging them to bring their loved ones with them. A restaurant may, for example, create a members-only promotion with one free kid’s meal with the purchase of an adult meal, encouraging members to bring their children with them. It’s a great way to encourage brand awareness in younger audiences too!

Increase Knowledge

Word-of-mouth is a powerful advertising tool. Not only can you increase your members’ knowledge of your brand through your communication channels, but if your club membership is enticing they’re far more likely to tell their friends, generating new club members.

Creating a community gives you a place to share important information, or to let members know a bit more about your team, your business plan or exciting changes that are coming your way in the future. The more detail they have on you, the more real you seem.


Once your loyal customers have joined your membership program you can choose how you want to reward them. This can be as simple as a percentage discount on services, or a free product on their next visit.

Exciting members-only offers are sure to see your clients wanting to join your loyalty club.


If your business has a milestone event coming up, like a birthday or an open day, you can let your members know. You could even offer members-only events. For example, a salon could stay open exclusively to members between 6pm and 7pm one evening. Or you can invite your members to an exclusive product launch.

Membership programs help ensure you have an audience that will want to attend your events, whether it’s a new menu launch for a restaurant, or the return of seasonal drinks for a cafe.

Save Money

A loyalty club can help you and your clients save money. You won’t need to fork out on expensive advertising as you can communicate with your club members directly. And in turn, you can offer your loyal customers special deals just for them.

Digital membership programs such as Glue Loyalty can generate weekly coupons based on your club members engagement with communication to keep you fresh in their mind with relevant offers.

Why Is a Membership Program Important?

A membership program is a great way to engage with your most loyal customers. It encourages your customers to align with your brand’s values, while opening a dialogue so the clients feel able to give feedback to you in realtime.

It’s more than just a marketing strategy, membership programs encourage a sense of family and community, connecting you and your clients wherever they are in the world.

Glue Loyalty can help create a tailored branded loyalty club that reflects your brand’s morals while gaining customer trust and brand loyalty. Take a look today at the branded loyalty club packages that can help take your small business to the next level.

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