Coffee Shop Marketing: How to Get Your Business Booming!

Alon Zuck
May 20, 2021
3 min read
Stay local but make a global coffee shop with the help of glue app
Alon Zuck
May 20, 2021
3 min read

Many of us can’t begin our daily activities without a cup of coffee, which is why the coffee shop business is thriving.  

Pandemic or not, people will always love their daily cup of coffee and trust their favorite brands to satisfy their cravings. Because of that, it is monumental that coffee shop owners find their place on the market, ideally ahead of the competition.  

Boosting a coffee shop business requires a passion for your job, dedication, and a smart marketing strategy. Loyalty program for small business, for instance, are one of the ways to successfully accelerate the success of your coffee shop. Moreover, newly imposed marketing strategies also require coffee shop owners to find a suitable way to both retain their existing clientele and attract new coffee fanatics. 

To help you fortify your coffee shop business brand, here is an in-depth guide that ensures you are pulling all the right strings to stay one step ahead of your competition.

How to Boost Your Coffee Shop Business?



Instagram is one of the most globally used social networks, with over a billion users subscribed. Talk about marketing. Not surprisingly, the platform is a paradise for owners who want to promote their coffee shop brand in front of a wider audience. To do that, ensure that you post coffee-related content daily, use relevant Instagram hashtags, and optimize the presence of your brand’s location. Aside from that, Instagram offers you a variety of ways to engage your fans and customers, whether it’s through polls, quizzes, stories, or Q&A. Paid Instagram ads also work, and can help you target the perfect audience for your coffee shop brand. 


Advertising on Facebook allows your coffee shop extreme group targeting and the room to play with your content. Entice customers with related coffee shop articles, tips, flavor descriptions, and more. You can create dynamic videos and promo ads to make an announcement, which will likely attract a few potential coffee drinkers. Facebook is a must if you plan on converting those followers into your regulars, as all promotions you share will pop up in your customers’ newsfeed, thus incentivizing them to visit. 

To maximize the use of Facebook and Instagram, you can intertwine both into one management page and monitor their effects more easily. Linking also works, so ensure these are directly available and visible to your new and loyal customers.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access makes it easy for consumers to stay connected and still have their cup of coffee. In fact, over 60% of customers tend to spend more money if the coffee shop offers free internet. Before logging in, you can engage your clients to connect to your Facebook page first.

Events, Events, Events! 

Organizing events is a great way to spread awareness of your coffee shop business. Where there are events, there are people, and if tasty coffee is involved, you can be sure the customers will be returning. Hosting events related to your coffee shop business will interest people in visiting, and if your service is that good, it will make them stay. Also, you can make your employees part of the event, so they operate as brand ambassadors and introduce all interested customers with more information on your coffee shop. 

A Loyalty Program

Having a loyalty program is one of the most superb ways to incentivize customers to drink their coffee at or from your place. As times are changing, owners are looking for constant improvements that would separate them from the rest. Implementing an alluring loyalty program means digitizing your business and offering perks to keep your customers happy. Such can include offering discounts, rewarding your most loyal clients, granting promotional codes for all new or newly registered customers, and providing benefits to customers who ‘bring along’ a friend, among others.

Now, while traditional loyalty programs have their effects, what your coffee shop business needs is a state-of-the-art marketing concept. Because of that, it is of utmost importance that you choose the perfect loyalty program provider for your brand, that can both monitor, manage, and skyrocket your business to success.

Why Choose Glueloyalty? 

Glue Loyalty offers you the best coffee shop loyalty program to promote, improve, and optimize your business. From games and discounts to a variety of online and in-person benefits for your most appreciated members, Glue adjusts your business to today’s trends and meets all criteria for success. 

If you are a coffee shop owner, you’ll love Glue, because it will always put your brand first. Our tools automate the marketing process and personalize your strategy based on your audience, goals, location, and quality of service. 

Glue’s digital loyalty platform diminishes the risk of exposure and malfunctions and guarantees you a properly managed coffee shop business, tailored in a way that brings your brand more new customers while pampering and spoiling your existing ones. 

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