Customer Rewards: Do’s and Don’ts 2021

Alon Zuck
February 18, 2021
6 min read
Customer Rewards - glue
Alon Zuck
February 18, 2021
6 min read

Used as a method to largely increase the profit amongst businesses worldwide, customer loyalty helps build long-lasting customer relationships almost instantaneously.
Not too long ago, marketers took a special interest in the importance of customer loyalty and retention over customer acquisition.
Nowadays, marketing costs destined to lure in new customers are actually draining businesses, costing 5 to 25 times more than retaining existing ventures. 
Not to be misunderstood, grasping the attention of new customers is a must.
Naturally, once in a customer’s good graces, holding on to that viable customer base becomes almost essential. But how do you keep customers coming back, especially given that the lockdown urged many businesses to move online? 
The answer to that question can be simple: customer rewards! 
A well-designed rewards program will both attract and retain crucial customers for any operating business.
That said, in this article, let’s elaborate on the do’s and don’ts when trying to retain business customers in 2021. 

Digitalize, Digitalize, Digitalize

It’s no secret that many businesses have incorporated rewards network apps and loyalty punch cards as functional customer rewards strategies; and for a simple reason – they work.
As businesses begin to shift to online experiences, digital coupons come quite in handy.
Digital coupons can offer loyalty punch cards, free shipping, percentage discounts, buy-one-get-one-for-free promotions, and many other strategies to entice consumers into making an instant purchase.
We all know that people love possessing something of value, and love it even more when they don’t have to pay for it. 
So, keep your customers engaged with discounts and promotion deals by making an offer without forcing them to visit your venture.

Easy Sign-Ups

Remember, once persuaded to download your app, it’s important that consumers find it easy to sign-up and use.
Otherwise, a slow and confusing process may discourage them from finishing the procedure. 
I mean, how annoying is it signing up to a platform that takes more than five minutes?
To avoid this lag, you should enable easy rewards network app access, and only take your customers’ basic information – their phone number, full name, and email.
Another way to boost the signup process is to allow for it to be done anywhere – whether the client is at work, on the train, or at the store.

Measure your KPIs

Key performance indicators are there to help you turn your customers into regulars by evaluating the outcome of your actions.
The relevant KPIs will help you develop new strategies of success, all while facilitating the decision-making process.

Reward Purchases, Not Visits

The secret behind customer rewards is encouraging your clients to buy more, right?
Therefore, the number of visits a client makes on your website should be less important than engaging with them to buy a product or a service.
For instance, you can offer customers a point-per-dollar prize instead of rewarding them for visiting your site. This way, the customers will become motivated in spending more since they all want that special reward.
Moreover, don’t let clients feel cheated when earning their points. Each validated transaction should be rewarded with the number of points a customer is entitled to. 
Because, at the end of the day, successful entrepreneurship is all about transparency.

Gamify the Process

How to build customer loyalty?
While customer rewards are the ultimate incentive for driving clients in a loyalty program, gamifying such processes will surely keep them even more engaged.
As gamification continually improves, businesses are left with no choice but to join programs revolving around a single app, thus making the loyalty program much more accessible, fun, and easier to use. 
By associating challenges with incentives, owners will encourage their customers to gladly follow a mission, where unlocking the next great benefit is highly anticipated.

Surprises Work Best

Businesses are continuously recognizing the enormous importance of bringing the best experience to their customers. 
From offering higher discounts to regulars and giving-away free items after a particular amount spent, to providing punch cards and a rewards network app – owners are set to have their clientele paying more for those unforgettable experiences. 
That said, build your brand in a way that gets people talking and sharing your products on social media. There are no better promotions than the ones from your most loyal users; and as a tool, this can help attract even more buyers to your site.
Additionally, it would be smart to delight your customers with the surprise factor
Meaningful surprises can include gifting free items on users’ birthdays and making them feel special. This smart move will definitely turn clients into your brand’s best ambassadors. 
Other examples of rewarding clients include creating engaging content, such as virtual how-to videos and interactive tutorials that are essential to your users.

Shift to Touch-Free

In a pandemic-crazed world, contactless payment methods are becoming the new normal for countless shops, restaurants, and grocery stores.
As a result, you need to rethink the way you implement solutions in a clean, sharp, and efficient way. Encouraging people to pay through a mobile app or website will immediately open new opportunities for them to sign up and dive into your loyalty programs.
Glue, for example, implements these virtual solutions through their GlueLoyaltyApp and allows customers to pay for products easily and on the spot.

Use Data as an Advantage

To retain customers, an owner has to know their ultimate goal and how to achieve it.
Once you have data insights, try to continually improve your customer rewards program. For instance, if you see people reacting to a 20% discount on a meal, incorporate this technique more often-  like on slow days after announcing it on social media. 
Enabling a discount in a more splendor-oriented business is not always going to attract more consumers. In this case, the key is your uniqueness, exclusivity, and personal touch.
Offering a valuable customer purchase that isn’t very accessible elsewhere, and getting it at the lowest price possible?
Yes, please!
As mentioned, changes are the driving force of your business in 2021, and all that’s left for you to do is go big – or go home!

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye

People are constantly chasing after that ultimate online sale – the best price, the highest discount, and the greatest convenience.
So, let me ask you this:
While taking tutorials, classes, and lessons from in-person to virtual, why not also create an exact listing containing all information concerning the time, date, and exact online location? 
By granting all-access information at any time, you provide users with a personalized experience. Once appreciated, this simple hack will get your clientele one (or a few!) steps closer to your business – all through accessing your website!

Hands Off Non-Targeted Digital Ads

Today, well-educated advertisers aim straight for specific user groups in order to grab the attention of already interested buyers – and for a good reason. 
Showcasing customer awards for returning users on your website is much wiser than paying for costly advertisements online.
Do you own an expensive jewelry store? Aim for the ladies aged thirty or over – the ones willing to pay for such a valuable asset! 
Same goes for running a luxury restaurant – you don’t expect students to visit the place, do you?
Trust me, aim for the big fish!

Hold on to Your Regulars

Customer rewards and earning system should not be identical for everyone. 
As stated, focusing on your existing customers is the key revenue driver, so start fresh and design exclusive offers for your most loyal customers.
Take Amazon for example. 
As the global e-retailing leader, Amazon gives premium membership to distinguished regulars, offering benefits such as free two-day shipping on all purchased items. 
Uber, on the other hand, does the kinds of customer rewards no regular can refuse – ranging from free miles to zero-cost meals. 
If you get your customers to willingly earn points as Uber users do, they can be rewarded with priority pickups and flexible cancellations – which will give your business a great name. 
As you can see, no matter your business of choice, it all boils down to giving your regulars some much-needed TLC.

Customer Rewards, But Make It Exclusive  

Business owners love earning the easy way out, but that’s not how this works. 
Customers these days actually want to feel like they are part of a group where they enjoy special perks. 
Therefore, it would be fruitless to go cheap with customer rewards, as they’ll likely lose all motivation and move on to the next great retailer. 
But, not every user deserves the same rewards, so try to find a balance in being generous. 
Of course, you want to allow your customers to have a variety of options to choose from, just figure out which groups deserve what first.

No Pressure

Instead of using paid advertising or sponsored campaigns, try organic marketing.
Clients are keen on content that is not ad-based and comes from a genuine place.
Everything you force on your clients, ads included, will score you bad reviews and put buyers off your brand. 
Instead of being pushy, try to engage in conversations with users and let them use creative outlets such as loyalty punch cards, polls, voting systems, and favorite products on your site. You can apply these features in any kind of business, like vape loyalty program, nail salon loyalty cards program and others.
While there is no single secret to making it big in business, there is definitely great truth in keeping your friends close and your clientele even closer!

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