How to Market a Dog Grooming Business?

Alon Zuck
June 10, 2021
3 min read
Take care of your dog's grooming
Alon Zuck
June 10, 2021
3 min read

In today’s day and age, the pet industry is in full blossom. In fact, over 35% of Americans own dogs and largely rely on quality dog grooming salons to provide the services they are after.

Now, owning a pet grooming business is one thing, but making it successful and a client favourite requires quality marketing. Plus, owning a pet grooming business requires interacting with customers, both loyal and new ones, and providing them with the ultimate services and options to keep them aboard and happy with your brand.

Implementing proper marketing strategies can take a variety of shapes and forms. From social media engagement to offering promotions and providing the utmost customer service, here are the essential marketing strategies to attract perfect customers for your pet grooming business.

Connect on Social Media

Local advertising is huge for your pet grooming business but so is social media engagement. Namely, to promote your brand online, set up social media pages over various popular platforms, thus inviting your fans to engage with your brand and get properly introduced to the services you offer.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest make solid choices for showcasing your business and will drive audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Pet owners range from millennials to senior enthusiasts, so targeting your social media audience should be broader and detailed.

Spreading the word on your pet grooming business online will result in appealing to a wider crowd which will then lead you to more parties of interest and a greater clientele.

Be There for Your Customers

Aside from social media interaction, a newsletter and creating the perfect website will ensure your customers you a brand they can trust their pet with.

A win-win marketing strategy, providing the utmost customer service will pay off in the very beginning, as it will retain your loyal clients whilst ensuring potential ones this is the pet salon for them.  Customers research the internet for the best dog grooming services near them, which means you should get your business in the spotlight as soon as possible.

Being there for your customers includes taking action: allowing clients to write brand reviews, addressing their needs and concerns, and keeping in touch with any potential issues they might be experiencing. Also, providing your customers with top-notch content on your pet grooming brand will keep them interested in learning more about your services.

A Loyalty Program

Did you know that customer retention costs five times less than acquiring new ones? Plus, increasing this retention might boost your profits up to 95% in the long run.

This being said, pet business loyalty programs are gaining tremendous popularity.

For one, a loyalty program is a customized and automated strategy that helps improve the success of your business by paying close attention to your customers. Some of the tools loyalty programs rely on include offering promotions to loyal customers, as well as purchase discounts and loyalty punch cards for receiving awards.

In a pet grooming business, a loyalty program can help you collect detailed information on your customers’ practices, the frequency of them using your services, and the purchases they have made at your pet salon. A suitably developed loyalty program helps clients – existing and new ones- to grow fond of your business, trust it and use its services times and times again.

Last but not least, a loyalty program helps keep your customers happy. Rewarding your most committed customers whilst inviting potential ones to use a discount upon signing up to your newsletter can drastically spread the word on your brand and reach even more pet owners. You can also offer clients a 20% discount on your pet products or services, whenever they get a ‘friend’ to register to your site as well.

Glue: A Loyalty Program That Suits Your Business

Glue Loyalty holds the crown among all the other loyalty programs. With its points earning system tool, Glue turns your customers into regular service users or purchasers. Its tools work in a way that engages your customers to take interest in your brand and then leave impressed with your expansive services and quality of options.

With Glue’s tools, you get an automated loyalty manager, personalized and customized strategy that markets your brand through a variety of customer-friendly tools- from offering discounts and promotions to creating email newsletter notifications and providing clients with reward-collecting digital loyalty cards. Glue’s reward technology lets owners choose their own discounts based on their customer’s presence and activity.

To boost loyalty, Glue sends your customers weekly notifications, tips, and reminders thus working its part to increase your revenue. Glue always thinks a step ahead and offers pet salon owners the chance to save money and boost site traffic with little to no effort. Implement Glue’s digitized loyalty program now and reap its benefits in no time!

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