Ensure you’re available for your customers and engage with them on their terms

Hanoch Rabinovitz
August 25, 2020
2 min read
glue loyalty program

Recovering from lockdown, customers bring their expanded online-shopping experience and expect businesses to be always accessible on their mobile devices. Here’s how your small business can close the gap and live up to it.

Recent researches show consumers coming back from lockdown with new habits, consuming behaviors, and, obviously, new expectations from the businesses they visit.
The huge explosion of online purchasing during the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown periods has left large portions of Americans with new purchasing habits. 75% of consumers have tried new online shopping and delivery methods. But most importantly for small businesses in recovery, is that over 40% of consumers are open to switching their usual brands and retail stores for a better value for money, and online experience. 
It is obvious that post-recovery, customers who only tried online and mobile engagement with the brands they use, will expect this level of availability from any business they plan to use regularly. 
Daily mobile communication with your customers is vital to answer the declining loyalty and new expectations of your customers.  
An online digital loyalty platform, like Glue, allows you not only the benefits of time and resource savings, but further easily extend your availability and engagement with your customers beyond their visit to the shop, office or clinic.
Glue automatically builds a regular and daily communication plan, that keeps each customer in daily reach, with information and promotions. Furthermore, Glue customizes the loyalty program features to incentivize each of your customers personally. 
Imagine that your clients have a special loyalty coupons towards their birthday or anniversary, with in-advance greetings and notifications. Glue does that for each of your customers automatically, using various reward and loyalty tools like points, coupons, promotions, holiday campaigns, etc. 
Glue takes care of the expectation for a 24/7 availability as well. The internal mobile application that Glue creates for your business on your customer’s mobile devices (iOS and Android) helps them to book appointments and services, purchase products online, and manage their reward program by using a coupon creator.
When recovering your small business from COVID-19 impact, building your client-base on solid ground is crucial. Do it on their terms and always be available for them – on their devices.