(How to) Welcome to the club!

August 2, 2021
< 1 min read
August 2, 2021
< 1 min read

So we all know Groucho Marx’s famous saying “I wouldn’t join a club that accepts someone like me as a member”.

Hilarious – but also true, getting someone to join your club takes some skills.


Luckily, as always – we’re here with some tried and tested tips on how to get your customers to join your club. Ready?

Here it goes:


1. Invite them

Yes, revolutionary, we know. But seriously, you’d be surprised how many club members business owners miss out on simply by not inviting them. So make sure you and your employees mention/remind each and every customer that comes in the door about your members club.


2. Choose the right time

Yep, timing is everything. Your customers are most likely to join your club at the POP (point of purchase), so make sure you’re ready with everything you need, including your irresistible, well-rehearsed “would you like to join our member’s club speech?”


3. Make it easy

People are often in a hurry, so make joining your club as easy, fast, and sleek as possible. Offer a variety of ways – digital (QR / direct link) and physical (yes, the old notepad), so everyone can join the way they like.


4. Make them an offer they can’t refuse

The Corleones had it right. Make your customers an offer that will make it so worth their while they will find it impossible to refuse – a discount, a coupon, a reward – whichever is best for your business and most relevant for your customers.


Oh and don’t forget to join as well, you can bet that if Groucho owned a local business, he would join his own club too.

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