Chalkboard It Up: 10 Creative and Aesthetic Ideas for Unique Restaurants

Alon Zuck
June 10, 2021
4 min read
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Alon Zuck
June 10, 2021
4 min read

Gone are the days of great food and top customer service being the only criteria for successful restaurants.

Nowadays, the restaurant industry is taking a more visual approach in attracting customers – and creativity and innovation play the most essential roles in it. 

Running a successful restaurant business is downright challenging, given the abundance of options and versatility eager diners can choose from. Therefore, the need to implement original and appealing solutions in attracting eager clientele is paramount.  

Out of all tools in the box, it seems as though chalkboards have made the greatest impact on frequent restaurant visitors- and for a good reason. Chalkboards can serve restaurants in any which way these days: as a ‘menu of the day’ showcase, a ‘discount’ or ‘happy hour’ announcement, or even as engaging boards boasting daily puzzles and games that customers can solve in return for a service.   

Retro as the concept may sound, restaurant chalkboards have existed for decades, and have always represented the face of a business. Whilst designing a designated restaurant chalkboard is not much of a hassle, maintaining it dynamic and engaging sure is. 

If you are short on ideas on how to create the ultimate chalkboard corner for your restaurant, don’t sweat it – we did some industry digging and handpicked some of the most original restaurant-friendly chalkboard concepts to get you inspired!


1. Texas de Brazil Chalkboard Menu in New York

Image: ArtFX Design Studios



2. Mother’s Restaurant Chalkboard – New Orleans

Image: Mother’s Restaurant Chalkboard



3. Chicago’s Southport and Irving Restaurant Menu

Image: Southport&Irving Pinterest



4. Smooth Hoperator Restaurant’s Menu

Image: Smooth Hoperator



5. CajunSea Seafood Chalkboard Graphic Design

Image: CajunSea Graphics


6. Juice Press Restaurant Chalkboard

Image: Juice Press Superfood Smoothies



7. Best Ugly Bagels Chalkboard Design

Image: Bagels Chalkboard


8. The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney

Image: Sydney’s Specials



9. New York’s Toby Estate Coffee

Image: New York’s Finest Places


10. The OE Market, Florida

Image: OE Market Bistro



Chalkboards are not dependent on technology, which makes them all the more intriguing and exciting to implement. As many restaurant frequenters love a touch of retro and vintage, chalkboards definitely become your ultimate business booster. 

Not only are chalkboards affordable to create or even purchase – but they also require no additional tool implementation, other than your creativity as a restaurant brand. Even more, countless renowned restaurants have trusted chalkboards to maximize their overall business traffic as well as revenue by using these visual presentations as the simplest and most impactful advertising strategy. 

In creating the ultimate chalkboard for your restaurant business, keep in mind that nothing is more appreciated than being authentic, trendy, and engaging – whether through witty content, cheeky design, or mesmerizing visuals!

From silly quotes and puns to eye-catching promotions and discounts, breathe some yummy design into your chalkboard and keep it fresh, artistic – and ever-customer-friendly!

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