How To Create a Successful Loyalty Program for Your Ice Cream Shop?

Ira Nachtigal
August 22, 2021
3 min read
Creating Successful Loyalty Program for Ice Cream Shop
Ira Nachtigal
August 22, 2021
3 min read

Have you ever wondered how to turn a Customer into a Loyal Customer?

A Customer Loyalty Program will do the job for you. And the idea is quite simple: The more you shop, the more you receive in return. Having an Ice Cream shop and offering a Loyalty Program to your customers will generate repeated visitors and create deeper, long-lasting engagement.


So, how exactly do you do it? Be unique. 


Turning a customer into a loyal customer is very rewarding in the long run. It starts from the moment a customer walks into your store and you offer them your products and services. Add some more incentive, and you’ll make the customers interested in coming back to the store for more.


As an Ice Cream Shop, the possibilities for implementing a loyalty program are endless! The idea is to reward your customers for choosing your shop and offer them delicious ice cream each time they return. Here are some ideas on how to create a successful loyalty program. 

Sign up Reward

The food industry thrives on loyal customers. Ice cream is a fan favorite treat among a lot of people. One way to turn a new customer into a loyal, returning one is to offer a free scoop of ice cream on every sign-up to your loyalty program. Who can say no to free ice cream? 

Loyalty Points 

Another effective method for creating a Successful Loyalty Program is through Loyalty Points. You can set up Loyalty Points for customers who share their feedback, giving a certain amount of points for Customers Birthdays. You can even award loyalty points every time they shop at your place. Customers can always keep track of their points and redeem them at a certain point for extra scoops in your shop.

Using the advantages of Social Media

As we all know social media is one of the best marketing platforms. There are various techniques and methods you can use to attract new customers and retain the old ones.

Using Facebook for campaigns is a good way of putting the word out there that there is a special event happening at your store. Using social media campaigns can boost the traffic to your Ice Cream Shop and engage new customers. 

You can use Facebook as a tool where you can award your customers with loyalty points for simply sharing, commenting, or liking a post. You can even take it a step further and make giveaways where customers can tag their friends. 

Moreover, you can also use Social Media to spread the word for your Loyalty Program. A simple post on Facebook or Google can go a long way when using the right techniques and methods.


When you have a certain Loyalty Program, you have to make sure everyone knows about it. And I mean everyone. From your current customers to your potential ones, even your former customers. Send emails with newsletters, offers, and discounts using the emails that you have in your database. Customers will always have a reason to come back to the shop.


Make sure you reward big with this method. Your current customers will more likely be encouraged and motivated to refer your ice cream shop to their friends and family if they get something in return. Maybe a special reward or a free Ice Cream. You can even reward them with Loyalty Points; just make sure it is a valuable amount of points for their referrals.

Reward Specific Purchases 

This is a method that can be used for both current and new customers. You can always reward your customers and give them something for free if they spend a certain amount in the shop plus loyalty points.

Surprise your Customers

Free Treat or a Free Dessert is something that always works in terms of converting a new customer into a loyal one.

They may not even be aware of it – you can always surprise new customers with some kind of a reward. It doesn’t have to be something big but it will be valuable and special to customers and will surely make them come back to your shop.

Provide the best service

Selling good ice cream is important. What else is important is the feeling the customers have when they enter your shop. Always welcome customers and give them that warm feeling when they shop. Communication is key, and kind words always go a long way.

These methods work very well with small businesses that want to attract more traffic and new customers, and they are a good way of spreading awareness for your services. It’s always good to research the competition and keep up with the trends. To get the best results, track the performance of your Loyalty Program, see what works and what doesn’t, and make changes along the way when necessary. 

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