How to Create a Successful Loyalty Program for Your Yoga Studio?

Ira Nachtigal
August 22, 2021
3 min read
Create Successful Loyalty Program for Yoga Studio
Ira Nachtigal
August 22, 2021
3 min read

One of the most successful ways to retain your customers and promote your yoga business to attract new ones is by implementing a successful Loyalty Program.

While giving something for free is one of the ways of promoting your business, business owners need to be more creative when it comes to retaining their old customers. 

Why a Loyalty Program, and how can you successfully implement one?

Having a Customer Loyalty Program as a marketing method will most likely engage your customers, making them feel valued and a part of a brand. As a method of marketing, it is there to stay for the long run. Not to mention it will increase your revenue and get you ahead of the competition.

So let’s see, how you can create a successful Loyalty Program for your Yoga Studio?


Recently, Business owners have been finding different ways to promote their services out there. Researching creating your Loyalty Program will give you insight into what methods the competition is using and how successful their implementation is. 

Check out other Yoga Studios around the area and their services. Understanding your competition will help you create a better, effective, and more efficient program for your Yoga Studio.

Be Creative – Personalized Offers

9 out of 10 customers will more likely stay with a brand offering personalized rewards for their loyalty. And what’s more, they may even recommend the brand to others and spread the word around, which would bring more organic traffic to your business. Know your customer base and tailor your offers to their needs.

Digital Loyalty Cards – Punch Cards

Having Digital Loyalty Cards is perhaps the most basic marketing method and, at the same time, the most effective one in terms of retaining your old customers. 

Punch Cards are easy and quite implicit to use. Clients will simply get a stamp every time they attend a class or a session. Once they have enough stamps, they can get a free session or a reward. It is pretty simple, but at the same time, it makes old customers inspired and looking forward to coming more so they can get their rewards.

 Using Punch Cards, you can even go a step further with your creativity and make personalized stamp cards where you can put the logo and specific details that outline your Yoga Studio. Clients will appreciate the details and design and feel more valued and respected. 

And if you want to go a step further, instead of using physical punch cards, you can create digital punch cards. This way, all loyalty stamps will be input into the computer, and customers will have an easier time keeping track of them. 

Points system

Another way of creating a loyalty program is through a points system.

When using a points system, the first step would be setting the value of the points. Each client will receive a certain amount of points when spending money on yoga classes or sessions. 

Moreover, you can offer different points systems for different behaviors. Once you have done this, then you can set up offers or rewards for each behavior.

One way of making the customers feel like they have special treatment is by offering points for their birthdays. If you have a pre-booking option, you can offer points for each pre-booked session.

While the points system will work for your old customers, you can also incorporate it as a marketing method of organic traffic to attract new customers. Of course, this would have to be planned very carefully as the award has to be significant. Giving points to your old customers for referrals would make them determined and earn more points. Therefore, they will be interested in referring friends, spreading the word around your Yoga Shala, and bringing more traffic. As an initial encouragement method, you can also give every new customer a certain amount of sign-up points.

The points system is an effective method because customers will more likely stay and use your Yoga studio for classes and sessions than switching to a new studio where they will not have any history. One thing to consider when having a points-based system in place is how you structure the program. You have to be careful not to give too much away because the program will become too expensive. At the same time, you can’t give too little, or your clients and customers will lose interest. 


Proper marketing is a huge determining factor of a successfully implemented Loyalty Program. Your current clients and the potential ones need to be well aware and properly introduced to the program. One method you can implement is using social media advertising, letting all Yoginis know that you have a loyalty program at your Shala.  

Once implemented, keep a good track of your Loyalty Program and don’t be afraid to make changes if necessary as it will result in more benefits for both you and the clients. 


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