A Loyalty Program for Your Med Spa

Ira Nachtigal
November 8, 2021
4 min read
Ira Nachtigal
November 8, 2021
4 min read

Watch your loyalty issues disappear in thin air and make those customers come back knocking on your hammam door. From providing special birthday discounts, all the way to arranging schedules and marketing – take Glue as your Med Spa personal assistant.


One for five

With GlueLoyalty on board, you are basically getting a 5-man job done with a single app. You don’t need a particular loyalty manager because the GlueLoyalty app will do the trick for you. Instead of wasting hard-earned cash and other resources, you can simply get involved with the 24/7 available program that will cater to all of your MedSpa needs.

A Community that Cares

The more shiny skin – the better

With the GlueLoyalty Program, you get a Branded Membership Club that will become your trade post-CRM. Therefore, you get to interact with your potential clients from one single app. The second important bonus you get is the Automated Aesthetic Clinic Loyalty Manager – Keeping Things Smooth. This feature is basically the guardian angel of your MedSpa – it takes care of all duties that can cause you stress.

All in One

Digital coupons, online booking, rewards, punch passes…

With the Glue app, you have a real-time report on weekly workflow plans, financial tracking, or any alterations within the company. As part of the Glue package, you have rewards and coupons as well as weekly, monthly and annual reporting. This will help you with clearer schedules and insight into the entire workflow. Other perks of getting Glue on board are digital coupons and online bookings – both made to make your life easier and your customers happier.


Shopping Motive

Drive those customers in


The Glue App will automatically arrange weekly engagement plans and create its loyalty strategy builder. Additionally, the Glue App has the power to self-optimize its planning and give you reports regarding sales growth. With Glue’s digital coupon creator, you can create promos for your clients and motivate them to visit your spa. The most common coupons are 1+1 extra or VIP discounts on the entire price list.

MedSpa Gift Cards

Flowers? No thanks, I’ll take the spa

The key to building brand loyalty or turning a newcomer into a regular is making them feel special. Besides providing excellent conditions – a random gift or a discount for your customers’ birthdays won’t hurt. With Glue doing this automatically – your business will be growing in the right direction.

Phone Payments

Forgot your wallet? We got you

With Glue, none of your customers will have to worry if they forget their wallets at home. Glue has a special prepaid punch pass for clients’ treatments. It means one less thing to worry about.


How to Get Started With Glue Loyalty?

Glue Loyalty is a user-friendly app with a simple registration process. To begin the signup process, click on the ‘Try Glue’ button. Once you register, you’ll be asked to answer some questions regarding your business. Don’t worry – they’re fun questions so that Glue can gather more knowledge on your business needs. The key feature of this application lies in its flexibility to adapt to any business with its specific algorithm. The signup process takes a couple of minutes to wrap up your business model. You can also try the 14-day trial period.

Why is GlueLoyalty Good for Your Med Spa?

With GlueLoyalty, you accomplish the duties of at least five employers in your company. As part of the Glue package, you will receive weekly, monthly, and annual reports without having to do the hard work. Both you and your clients will get real-time data, and the cause of making errors will decrease over time. Besides, having a fully digitalized outlook of the spa always raises the customer experience bar. Currently, over 300 Med Spas use the Glue Loyalty program on a global level. As recent statistics show, Glue turned 35% of newcomers into loyal customers, with each MedSpa profiting $24,000 on average.

How Does Glue Loyalty Work in the MedSpa Workflow


Glue Loyalty comes with a seamless organizer that helps any business with its last-minute bookings or canceling. A neat schedule is always a must when it comes to raising funds. It’s impossible to run a successful business without having an organized schedule. With the Glue Loyalty App, all you’d have to do is take care of your clients, and Glue will take care of the calendar.

How Does the Loyalty Program Optimize Your Med Spa?


GlueLoyalty is programmed by numerous digital experts to operate as the best digital marketer there is. Just by entering the main information of your business, Glue knows where to begin, whom to address, and how to promote. Essentially, the program will hook more clients thanks to the 1+1 offer discounts. Who doesn’t want a freebie? Exactly! That way, newcomers will choose your MedSpa. The rest is your job – meeting their expectations.


GlueLoyalty doesn’t only hook newcomers but glues the regulars to your store with various gifts or promotions. The promotions are adjusted by you, as the program must ask for your permission before setting discounts on certain treatments. You can set up a happy hour mania or a Manic Monday Remedy where you will show appreciation for choosing your MedSpa. This is the road to brand loyalty, so don’t forget to spoil your regulars!

Glue Loyalty Pricing

The Glue App pricing is modern and convenient – you only pay per customer and nothing more. That means when you reach a certain number of users to your app, you’ll pay more. Here’s the price chart that will help you navigate throughout the payments:

  • 1 – 7 active users are charge-free
  • 8 – 50 active users cost $29.90 per month
  • 51 – 120 active users cost $59.90 per month
  • 121 – 500 active users cost $119.90 per month
  • 500 – 2,500 active users will get you a negotiation (maybe for a collab)

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