Stay local, act global

August 2, 2021
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With loyalty app stay local but act global
August 2, 2021
< 1 min read

Global airlines, the biggest retailers, fast food chains –  what they all have in common are resources, such as time, money, and manpower.

What they also have is data-based knowledge they use to give them a competitive advantage. 


All these are things that most local business owners simply don’t have. 


However, there are big advantages to being small.

Here are some of the things you too can do to stay competitive:  



Build relationships

Beat the magas in their own game and go beyond just good customer service. Get to know your customers personally and bring warmth and a personal touch into their experience. That special feeling is what will get your customers coming back in the door. 

Listen and learn

You don’t need feedback forms or a customer survey. Yep, you can simply talk to your customers. Ask them any relevant questions for your business and your offering and listen closely to the answers that may often surprise you. 

React quickly

One of the great things about being a small business rather than a big chain is how quickly you can react and adapt to feedback. Don’t get stuck on old habits, use this flexibility to your advantage and make real time changes that will increase your revenues quickly. 


Leverage your community

So you’ve done the work and built your business a local fan base? Fantastic. Now go and make that loyalty work for you.

How? Local events, community sales, bring-a-friend coupons, friends and family discounts and simple, good old-fashioned word-to-mouth marketing – always a winner. 


And remember – size matters. Use yours to your advantage. 


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